Lower drawer Figure 2. Remove the staple cartridge. Screws Figure Printing system 2. Page 4 This page is intentionally left blank. Switchback eject motor SBEM

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Remove the two screws holding the deck paper conveying unit assembly and then the assembly.

Dirty main charger wire. Close the front cover. The transfer voltage is not output properly.

Copystar Cs | Cs :: – Detailed Copier Specifications

At copystar cs 3035 same time, the upper paper feed clutch PFCL-U turns on, and the forwarding and paper feed pulleys rotate to start primary paper feed. Open the conveying cover of the copier. Insert the copier power plug to the wall outlet and turn the power switch on. Breaks the safty circuit when the switchback unit is opened.

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Connect the signal cable of the finisher to the copier. Scanner wire Scanner wire Figure Refitting the scanner wires Caution: These symbols are described below: Remove the stop ring of the bypass paper Stop ring Bushing feed shaft and slide the bushing in the direction of copystar cs 3035 arrow.


If none, replace the toner Copystar cs 3035 toner feed sole- coil. Purpose According to user request, changes the setting. Safety warnings and precautions Various symbols are used to protect our service personnel and customers from physical danger and to prevent damage to their property.

To reset the paper misfeed detection, open copystar cs 3035 close the copier conveying cover to turn safety switch 2 off and on. Purpose To be executed if there is a regular error betw een the centers of the original and the copy image when the optional DP is used.

Connect the connector of the job separator to the lower connector of the copier. Toner disposal tank Figure Connect the power cord. Inner ejection cover Screws Remove the screw and then the cover from the rear of the paper feeder.

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U Checking the paper copystar cs 3035 to optional devices Description Ejects paper to an optional mailbox or job separator, or to the ejection slot at the machine left. Defective drum Replace the drum unit. U Checking the copy counts Description Checks the copy counts. U Adjusting the shading position Description Changes the shading copystar cs 3035.


Attach the staple cover. Page 3 Cleaning the stapler During periodic maintenance, remove all the staples remaining inside copystae machine due to failure of stapling.

Push the hard disk all the way in along the rails, and fasten it with 2 copystar cs 3035. Unscrew the two blue screws and remove the two metal fittings holding the rail unit to the finisher. Purpose To check the maintenance count.

U Checking sensors and switches for toner Description Displays the on-off status of each coypstar or s witch related to toner. U Method for the volume switch 1.

Copystar CS-3035 Service Manual

Defective duplex paper Run maintenance item U and turn the duplex paper conveying switch. A paper 305 in the deck is extremely curled. Enter a destination code using the numeric keys refer to the destination code list copystar cs 3035 then press the start key.