You will find a chart below for each loft that shows how each FCT setting affects the trajectory and specs of the driver. The TaylorMade R9 driver is designed with two technologies that help correct the flaws in your swing that can create erratic flights down the fairway. So, for example, if you want to hit the ball higher, you can lower the center of gravity and increase the loft. TaylorMade became famous for pioneering metal woods, but the company now produces everything from metal woods to wedges to putters. Move the 16 g weight to the toe of the club head to the two 1 g weights to the center and heel cavities to continue to correct your hook.

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Check out the website for more information. Use the TaylorMade R9 wrench to turn the bolt counterclockwise, loosening it. Comparison of Graphite Golf Driver Shafts. Continue to hit golf balls at the driving range, making how to adjust a taylormade r9 hkw the weights and FCT sleeve between every two or three balls. Depending on which text editor you’re pasting into, you might have to add the italics to the site name.

Locate haylormade bolt in the heel of the club directly above the shaft. Replace the club head on the shaft covering the FCT sleeve.

How to Set a TaylorMade R9

Leaving the 16 g weight in the center cavity with the two 1 taylormase weights in the heel and toe cavities leaves the ball trajectory straight and adds distance to your drive. Keep making adjustments to the R9 driver until you find a combination of weights and FCT setting that produces a true, straight ball trajectory off how to adjust a taylormade r9 club face. Moving the 16 g weight to the toe cavity and the two 1 g weights to the middle and heel cavities helps straighten the trajectory when you hook the ball.


If you pull it toward your body, you are hooking the ball.

taylormade R9 fairway settings

We were primarily looking to see if the club does what it says it does, which is provide the ability tayolrmade adjust it to your own personal preferences. Turn the driver over to expose the bottom of the driver head. The R9 driver comes standard with two 1 gram weights and one 16 gram weight.

Replace the driver head onto the shaft and tighten the bolt in the heel of the driver head until the R9 wrench clicks. Slicing the ball happens when you hit the ball away from your body.

Accessed 26 July This in turn has a profound effect on the trajectory of the ball. If only everything in life could be so flexible. She has several years of experience in the home-improvement industry, focusing on gardening, and a background in group exercise instruction.

Comments how to adjust a taylormade r9 this article? How to Adjust Taylor Made R7. Remove the weights from the toe, heel and back of the how to adjust a taylormade r9 head using the same R9 torque wrench.

Turn the wrench clockwise until the wrench clicks, tightening the weights in the driver head. It used to be that golf shops would stock only so many demo clubs in various lofts and shaft flexes — but now with the greater ability to adjust the R9, fitting can be accomplished with fewer stock units. She writes mainly home improvement, health and travel articles for various online publications. Move the gram weight to the heel cavity on the R9 driver and place the single-gram weights in both the center and toe cavities to correct a slice.


How to Level Ground for adujst Swing Set. What about for a fade? Posted by Daddyof1 at 3: Flight Control Technology and Moveable Weight Technology let you adjust your driver to one of the 24 combination of settings, allowing you to use the same driver with a different setting to play several different courses.

Set the sleeve to “Left” for maximum draw and loft if you currently slice the ball. FCT now gives you the ability to do it without jeopardizing your investment in the club, and how to adjust a taylormade r9 the bother and possible expense of bringing the tzylormade to a pro to alter taylormwde.

The following chart is a basic guideline for the 3 weights that come with the R9.

How to Swing a Golf Driver. Advantages of Offset Drivers.