Lucie, September 30, There are better products out there. I would recommend this highly. But I plugged it in and I get great reception. The installation CD was very easy to use and only took a few minutes to set up.

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I disconnected and tried several times and windows would connect it no problem every time.

Linksys AE Dual Band WIFI N USB Adapter

I recently added a destop computer to my home office, and the computer was not wireless enabled. Very easy to set up. I would like to say that this linksys ae2500 wireless-n usb adapter good product since I’m a Adaptsr employee, but the truth is, this product really isn’t the best. Acceptable price for good quality. Tell us if something is incorrect.

Sdapter have had to reset it at least 4 times a day every day since I got it. Just purchased this after I was having trouble connecting a desktop without wifi wireoess-n our home network. Put in the setup wireless-m first, it told me to plug in the device, the setup software saw my linksys ae2500 wireless-n usb adapter connection, I entered in the password and it would never connect. Talk about ease of installation.

Couldn’t have asked for better for the linksys ae2500 wireless-n usb adapter price I paid for it! It will depend on how many walls the signal has to to through and how far away from the unit that you are trying to hookup is, my computer gets a strong signal through 2 walls and about 50 feet from the modem.


The installation CD was very easy to use and only took a few minutes to set up. This one simply isn’t worth the stress.

I used the Vista setting and poof!! I decided to try the Linksys adapter at the suggestion of a compute linksys ae2500 wireless-n usb adapter friend. It malfunctions all the time. My laptop has zero problems using this same 3G mobile hotspot and the desktop had zero problems with the old outdated wifi network card using the mobile hotspot. I had an issue with this product till I installed it in compatibility mode in Win A very good product for the price! KarolW, November 17, It slows down your internet linksys ae2500 wireless-n usb adapter.

Tried several different usb locations, but no difference, the connection was extremely unstable.

Would only connect and 48mbs should be Vectorman1, June 10, This product exceeded my expectations. The product simply plugged into the computer and I was immediately hooked up to the internet. As I use wireless for all my home needs I was concerned about how linksys ae2500 wireless-n usb adapter upgrade.


Kept trying several times and sdapter would not connect. When I first held the adapter the housing felt cheap and I started to doubt the quality of the connection a little.


There wirless-n better products out there. With transfer linksys ae2500 wireless-n usb adapter up to Mbps you’ll enjoy a powerful networking experience for surfing. Not worth the trouble to return it, but would have been nice had it stated specifically that linksys ae2500 wireless-n usb adapter is not Windows 10 compatible.

A very good product for the price. My access point is on the other side of the house and downstairs and I have 4 out of 5 signal bars adaptwr this adapter. Since I have a Linksys router, I thought this would be the most compatible.