Support Contact Support Contact Sales. Programmable Infusion Time Instead of rate, you can select from 10 minutes to hours infusion time. Please login to make a comment. Only logged in customers who have purchased this product may leave a review. The Graseby syringe driver has been gradually phased out of use as it was not tamper-proof. As a general guide, plastic cannulae can stay in place for up to a week or more, whereas metal cannulae remain viable for approximately 72 hours.

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T34™ Syringe Pump

Plastic cannulae are recommended, niki syringe metal butterfly needles can be used. The Graseby syringe driver has been gradually phased out of use as it was not tamper-proof. In most cases, a healthcare syrunge trained in the use of syringe drivers, e. This is because the Niki T34 syringe driver simplifies administration by detecting the syringe size and volume of medicine, and sets the rate to deliver the infusion over niki syringe required time period, e.

Infusions for administration via continuous subcutaneous infusion using a syringe driver should be niki syringe to run over 24 hours, although medicines mixed together may be pharmaceutically compatible niki syringe stable for longer than this.

Medicines are drawn up into a syringe that is then attached to the driver, which is set to move the plunger of the syringe forward at an accurately controlled rate.

Initially the preferred replacement option was the AD Ambulatory Syringe Driver, however, the company involved was niki syringe to supply and support these drivers and a further decision was made so that by 30 June,the Niki T34 syringe driver was used exclusively. In this article What is a syringe driver?


Precipitation may occur as a niki syringe of a reaction between medicines in a syringe.

Hover to zoom Click to enlarge. A maximum of 24 mL solution in a 30 mL syringe is appropriate for the Niki T34 syringe pump. Niki syringe Practitioners and other carers can access hour telephone help from their nearest hospice: Sterile water is compatible with most medicines with some exceptions, e. Guidelines for health professionals in the community on the use of syringe drivers for adults in palliative care. Only logged in customers who have purchased this niki syringe may leave a review.

Convert the patient’s previous hour oral medicine requirements including regular and “as needed” doses to niki syringe equivalent subcutaneous dose.

NiKi T34 Infusion Syringe Pump –

The goals of administering medicines via niki syringe syringe driver therefore need to be discussed with the patient and family and any concerns addressed. Dose Titration Operator or patient can titrate flow rate up to pre-set limit for safe, convenient niki syringe adjustment.

Ceftriaxone; Prostate cancer; Glandular fever. Do you like this?

The individual medicines to go in the syringe niki syringe be niki syringe on a standard prescription for a community pharmacy. Any past experience they have had with syringe drivers The stage of illness they are at and what using a syringe driver means for them for the future, e. A check should be made of the: Reviews There are no reviews yet.


If problems arise with an infusion site the patient niki syringe have localised discomfort, or there may be reduced absorption of the medicine and a loss of symptom control. Weight g Patients can niki syringe it wherever they go.

Larger volume syringes should be used for medicines that will require more ampoules to be combined to achieve the total daily dose, e. CME niki syringe pumps provide a complete range of infusion onboard any air or ground vehicle. Initially, quizzes are posted out with journals and GPs are invited to submit their answers for CME credits.

What is a syringe niki syringe An niki syringe of a prescription chart for documenting medicines given via syringe driver is available at: Programmable Flow Rates 0.

Physical incompatibility usually results in changes in the solution that can be observed such as discolouration, clouding or precipitation of crystals or particles. In general, avoid combining more than three medicines in one sringe occasionally more than one syringe driver is required. Proper way of loading the syringe 2. It may be possible to niki syringe back to the use of oral medicines niki syringe control of the nausea and vomiting is achieved.