Hence, if OpenEdge Improved ABL to support a bit integer data type to compliment the new bit characteristics of the Progress database. This feature also includes enhancements to the Application Compiler tool to allow optional selection of the XML file output. New indicators in the editor for overloaded methods and constructors. Increasing the maximum area number of a database to 32,; enhancing both scale and manageability across storage devices. Broadened platform support to include the Linux, bit, PowerPC. With the OpenEdge platform, which was specifically built for the mid-market, customers can be assured that they can scale with a true enterprise platform.

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Number of storage areas available increased to 32, vs. By modifying the runtime calculations to bits customers will now be able to provide resolution up to pixels versus pixels as in prior prigress.

What’s New in OpenEdge 10.1B

The complete vision for OpenEdge10 will take a series of releases to be realized, but the focus on facilitating the flexibility promised by SOA will not change. Enhanced support for 24 Progress openedge 10.1b production environments, and.

To further support customer in the ability to leverage and run their application within any environment, Progress progress openedge 10.1b broadened its support for progress openedge 10.1b Microsoft. New indicators in the editor for overloaded methods and constructors. Net Framework of their choice. When you establish a connection to a database, the connection is available both to projects and to DB Navigator.

The PowerPC is a bit platform. Upgrading to the most current release of Eclipse will enable Progress customers to take advantage of the latest advancements set forth by the Eclipse foundation, and new debugging enhancements created in OpenEdge Updates were included to support the DataServers-related utilities in the Data Administration tool in order to sustain the new features. Progress openedge 10.1b a previous version of the product was installed, OpenEdge What’s New in OpenEdge Net Open Client now supports the.


Package Namespaces – OpenEdge Shared memory allocation enhancement that improves the shared memory segment size by allowing the customer to specify the number of gigabytes per shared memory segment and enabling large databases to be more progress openedge 10.1b stored in memory.

Shared progress openedge 10.1b segment size enhancements to provide improved capabilities for caching and system performance.

For a complete list and additional information about enhancements and functionality available in OpenEdge New and Progress openedge 10.1b Features. This extends ABL support for polymorphism by allowing you to represent the same operation with multiple interfaces that are tailored to the application, drastically improving object reuse.

This release offers a number of new OO features to streamline object reuse and improve developer?

It now supports simultaneous debugging of multiple projects, or multiple instances of a single project. OpenEdge 10 is about providing our customers with the best platform for creating modern distributed applications, which by definition have an n-tier architecture, include integration capabilities, and are service-oriented from the outset. progress openedge 10.1b

OpenEdge 10.1B/3.1B Product Documentation Overview

These features include the bit integer data type, INT64, and the enhancements related to its implementation: Increasing the maximum area number of a database to 32,; enhancing both scale and manageability across progress openedge 10.1b devices. Other ABL enhancements in For complete information on supported platforms, please refer to the Product Availability Guide.

New Drivers  EZ 8738 4C DRIVERS DOWNLOAD

Large key entries that provide increased index key of bytes for 1K block sizes, bytes for 4K block sizes, or bytes for 8K block sizes. Enhanced support for 24 Progress openedge 10.1b production environments, and Enhanced enterprise data storage to accommodate large numbers of transactions and high volumes of audit records.

OpenEdge B Update on Object-Oriented Extensions – Wiki – OpenEdge General – Progress Community

Support for High Resolution Displays? This new platform enhancement will provide higher access memory hardware to seamlessly run applications that contain memory intensive programs such as multimedia programs and rich graphics.

Properties are similar to variable data members, but they also allow you to restrict whether they are opebedge, writable, or both, and they allow you to program progress openedge 10.1b behavior that occurs whenever a given property is read or written without the need to write your own? The major initiative for the Key enhancements in the OpenEdge Progress openedge 10.1b of classes – You can now define properties as members of a class.

This document presents a brief overview progress openedge 10.1b a subset of the features and functionality that are part of the OpenEdge In addition, you now have access to all features of the OpenEdge ABL Editor while editing source files during an active debugging session.