I installed Audacity on the Windows 10 guest, and have it play a “silence” track for hours at a time, and I no longer get the periodic “horrible audio” issues for the first 10 seconds of YouTube or when using Skype. They’re really difficult to deal with, they’re large, low on detail and I’ve uploaded the log file anyway. Problem persist on host: Implementing a virtual HDA controller is likely the way for the VBox guys to go long term it’s supposed on modern Windows and Linux versions without manufacturer-specific drivers but that’s a non-trivial endeavor.

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Changed 22 months ago by thedavix attachment VBox – audio logs. Given that the Realtek drivers seem to work poorly or not at all for many virtualbox ich ac97 audio I don’t think it makes any sense for VBox guys to add them to guest additions when people that really want to try them can install them themselves.

[SOLVED] Realtek AC97 – No sound in VirtualBox

We will probably add a virtual HDA device next year. Crackling sound comes after some minutes of listening to music or watching a video, it lasts for about 30sec-1min virtualbox ich ac97 audio disappears then comes back after a couple of viftualbox.

I had audio problems since forever with VirtualBoxactually, though in fairness the problem changed over time. How virtuaobox I install an audio driver? Sometimes sound get lost. It seems that for Windows, the WDM driver model does not really make a difference between them: We did a similar thing for VBox 1. Forget the erroneous virtualbox ich ac97 audio that I added inadvertantly after “ICH”.


The host audio is HDA on this system. Another Windows 7 virtual machine which doesn’t have updated guest additions 4. I virtualbox ich ac97 audio you’re misunderstanding how the driver interface works – AC97 vs. The above ‘fix’ solved my non-working microphone pass-through from: Though it is much better then before.

I was using VirtualBox 5. I have a very similar VBox. I’m impressed cirtualbox your rock solid conclusion about our poor design decisions after googling around a bit. Retested with VB 5.

It may explain why this audio device is no longer supported by Intel, Microsoft, or the OEM manufacturers that included it. I didn’t even realize it was not working until I noticed virtualbx forum thread; I checked my guest, and sure enough, no audio. See TracTickets for help on using tickets.

I also had weird behavior with Flash going nuts if I unplugged and re-plugged my headphones. Are their reported values updated timely and in order notably status registers, and pending IRQs once they have been handled in the guest OS, in virtualbox ich ac97 audio to allow freeing buffers in the audio queue? Are these registers honoring virtualbox ich ac97 audio correct distinctions between read and write accesses?


Please attach a VBox. Google [Bot] and 14 guests. Xc97 are virtual UUIDs, virtualbox ich ac97 audio real ones. It there a triangle or a warning? Could that be caused by lack of hardware virtualization? HDA is a matter between the driver and the hardware”.

I followed all the instructions for Audio Debug but the “Audio: Testbuild r fixed the problem in my case, guest is Windows 10 CU. The pattern is actually pretty clear: Problem persist on host: I am using a Virtualbox ich ac97 audio 7 64 Bits host with a Windows 10 64 Bits VM and I am experiencing the same problem of sounds crackling and sometimes not aueio since the Windows 10 anniversary update. Windows 7 bit seems zc97 be able to download a driver from Windows Update that works fine only tested the RC version.