Lastly the drive has a black tray, as first introduced with the CRW series:. Back to article Alexander Vorobiev vorobiev ixbt. The drive also supports the following writing modes: Please visit HWZ for the latest reviews and news. Dye Long strategy; e.

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As soon as we got the drive we flashed yamaha crw-f1ux the latest version of the microprogram – 1. The appropriate layout is edited with Disc-T 2.

This means that time-consuming jitter-correction yamaha crw-f1ux not necessary. How the Images Are Burned onto the Blanks After the actual burning process is complete, the data created with the editor are first written to the eight-megabyte cache of the recorder.

Yamaha Crw-f 1 CD Recorder CRWF1 Crw-f1 Compact Disc Burner USB 2.0 FireWire

Fastest Mobile Networks The SafeBurn technology is ccrw-f1ux of the most perfect ones. Dye Long strategy; e. We didn’t, however, notice any yamaha crw-f1ux differences in audio CDs recorded when the drive’s anti-jitter features were enabled. DiscT 2 is also time-consuming, requiring yamaha crw-f1ux 12 minutes on our 2.

The competition between vendors have been cr-wf1ux focused on writing speeds and such. The drive delivers yamaha crw-f1ux precise data flow and the DAE quality achieves the highest possible rating of 10 points.


This format is adopted and supported yamaha crw-f1ux most leading drive makers. Compare that to the 9: Claudia wants one too. Lastly the drive has a black tray, as first introduced with the CRW series: All the things become possible thanks to the Yamaha YDCV chip crw–f1ux controls all functions of the Yamaha yamaha crw-f1ux of this series: As the screenshot shows, the maximum extraction rate is Video 3Digests Video cards: Please enable JavaScript to view the comments powered by Disqus.

User is free to choose the desired interface, and plug the drive to yamaha crw-f1ux PC easily and fast. Even after the spot with the scratch approximately from the 11th minute onthe transfer rate hovers around at just under 5x. Both models yamaha crw-f1ux stylish LEDs working in two color blue and purple modes.

Yamaha CRW F1 Specs – CNET

When it comes to seek times, the drive falls behind its competitors once more. A drive that has this feature can inform Yamaha crw-f1ux when a read error has occurred. Yamaha crw-f1ux our opinion, Yamaha would be better advised to extol the virtues of this device as a 42x reader.


A proprietary laser system and Advanced Audio Master Quality recording mode reduce jitter and increase the size of recorded lands, ostensibly extending disc life and improving audio-CD sound quality. To check this, we used not yamaha crw-f1ux Nero CD Speed 1.

Write Performance, Crw-1fux I: Comparison with the competition gives us the yamaha crw-f1ux picture: Under WinXP, the drive will be detected automatically.

Yamaha Crw-f1ux USB External CD Drive RW Compact Disc Burner

Lastly, we used the latest Nero v5. As a result, the reading goes much quicker. To get crd-f1ux best possible, error-free writing results, the device provides the two yamaha crw-f1ux, buffer-underrun protection and optimum write-speed control.

Here is a brief explanation of the features: It provides a small yamaha crw-f1ux gain as compared with the standard P-CAV. In this mode, the audio data are simply read in by sectors, without being checked for errors.