For a printed owner’s manual, click on authorized manuals or go to . Your selection of a Honda Insight was a wise investment. Honda will repair or. Afterwards, keep this owner’s manual in your vehicle so you can refer to Your selection of a Honda Insight was a wise investment. hazards associated with operating or maintaining the engine speed to 2, rpm, and hold it there. Workshop Manual. Honda Insight Workshop Manual L Hybrid; (14, Pages). (Free). Honda Insight Workshop Manual L3 L; (14, Pages).

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Forward gear ratios are infinitely variable between 3. The reception in Japan exceeded Honda’s original forecast of 5, monthly sales.

For more information on the cabin interior, see: Final drive is 4. An analog tachometer, fuel gauge, hybrid assist gauge, and Multi-Information Display are housed in the lower tier. Honda explained the move “to make the vehicle more affordable for those younger customers who couldn’t previously get into a hybrid. Details can be found in the Warranty section. The ‘Refreshed’ model new front etc.

Owner’s Manual | Honda Insight | Honda Owners Site

The Insight uses a LAF Linear Air-Fuel sensor for the primary oxygen sensor that is capable of measuring air-fuel ratios as lean as Archived from the original on September 14, That is, positive voltage indicates a lean mixture, and negative voltage indicates a rich mixture. The hatch insibht switch and hatch unlock key switch are both in series with the relay.

Archived from the original on January 17, Enter text from picture: Towing Information To accommodate flat-bed towing equipment, the Insight is provided with a front towing hook, and front and rear tie down hook holes.


The new Insight began sales in Japan on February 6, Automotive critic Jeremy Clarksonknown for his disdain for hybrid vehicles, criticized the Insight for its continuously variable transmission, engine noise, and build quality. By observing the color inslght of the speedometer background, the driver receives assistance in developing driving habits that typically enhance fuel economy.

As of MarchHonda has sold 2, units since the introduction of the Insight in April of which were sold in the first three months of There are several key attributes of this manuwl of motor: The CVT’s variable gear ratios allow for both quick, initial acceleration and efficient, low-rpm cruising.

Honda Insight Workshop & Owners Manual | Free Download

Traction control and vehicle stability assist are also included. The following diagram shows the entire vacuum distribution system including the ORVR system At the same time, this allows for a more direct connection to the engine, resulting in less slip-loss – which ultimately leads to higher fuel economy.

manuzl Special Maintenance Considerations Space blocks must be used with any plate style lift to avoid damage to the rocker panels or rear strakes.

Insight “too small,” likely to miss sales targets, Fit Hybrid a ‘struggle ‘ “. As a result, Honda promised better ride, handling and stability.

InInsight was the best selling hybrid in the country with a total of 4, sold. The Junction Board contains the battery module switch, along with contactors that are used to connect the Battery Module to the electronics when the Insight is turned on. There are four different part numbers for the spark plugs, and each has the electrode aligned differently with the plug threads. At the time of production, it was the most aerodynamic production car, ever.


At the lower end, the strut mounts solidly to the steering knuckle, locating it vertically. Archived from the original on The first-generation Insight was manufactured as a two-seater, launching in a single trim level with a manual transmission and optional air conditioning.

Honda Insight Owner’s Manual

The Insight’s IMA is insivht by a flat, nickel metal hydride battery pack located below the cargo floor between the rear wheels. Also, lightweight sound insulating materials are used throughout the Insight. The first generation Insight was the most fuel efficient gasoline-powered car available in the U.

The Insight and the NSX are aluminum-bodied, while the S employs a steel body with aluminum hood. The primary reason we took this route was to control torque at the insighf possible place to the axle, allowing for smooth acceleration.

The modulator unit and ABS control unit are integrated into one component which also includes relays, wires and electrical couplers. When the Insight goes into Auto Idle Stop mode, a green “Auto Stop” LED at the base of the tachometer illuminates oeners indicate that the engine is not moving at all, but to remind the driver that the car is still in the “on” These files contain detailed information about your vehicle, and can be downloaded, searched, and printed.