automobile pdf manual download also for sable view and download mercury mountaineer owners manual online mercury mountaineer Mercury Mountaineer Owners Manual file PDF Book only if you are registered MERCURY MOUNTAINEER OWNER S MANUAL Pdf Download. [DOWNLOAD] Mercury Mountaineer Owners Manual. Book file PDF easily for everyone and every device. You can download and read.

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Page Driving Pull the release lever to release the maunal. Turn the control to raise or lower volume. Pull the wiper arm away from the windshield and lock into the service position.

If the fluid is low, add fluid in small amounts, continuously checking the level until it reaches the correct operating range. To access the relays you must remove the passenger compartment fuse panel.

Mercury Mountaineer 2002 Owner’s Manual

Controls and features Rear auxiliary climate controls if equipped The rear auxiliary climate controls are located in the headliner of the second row seating. Page Seating and safety restraints Press the control to move the seat forward, backward, up or down.

Controls and features Activating the memory seat feature To activate this feature: Press and hold the front portion of the control until the glass panel stops moving. These quality accessories have been specifically engineered to fulfill your automotive needs; they are custom designed to complement the style and aerodynamic appearance of your vehicle. Pull the seat release lever located on top of the seatback while lifting the seatback into the upright position. The air conditioning compressor can operate in all modes except OFF.

This will reduce fogging on your windshield. To enter the 3rd row seat: Once speed control is switched off, the previously programmed set speed will be erased. Turn the heater fan on in both vehicles to protect any electrical surges.


Always disconnect the battery before servicing high current fuses. Seating and safety restraints Combination lap and shoulder belts 1.

Download the Mercury Mountaineer Owners Manual

Page 99 Controls and features Auxiliary power point Power outlets are designed for accessory plugs only. Do not touch them after inflation. The lug wrench will click when the tire is raised to the stowed position. If the light does not come on or the light mouuntaineer steadily, have your vehicle mountainee as soon as possible, damage to the transmission could occur.

Ensure that vent caps are tight and level. Press the control a second time within three seconds to unlock all doors and liftgate.

Mercury Mountaineer – Owner’s Manual – PDF ( Pages)

The power point is an additional power source for electrical accessories. To select air flow from the panel registers of the console, slide the control to. Controls and features Use the SEL control to manually set the time. Maintenance and care Repairs to correct the effects of using a 20002 for which your vehicle was not designed may not be covered by your warranty.

Recheck the engine oil level. Controls and features Press the DSP control to access one of the following modes: Page Roadside emergencies Removing the spare tire Do not use an impact wrench on the winch drive ownefs.

Rotate the access panel counterclockwise with a flat head screw owjers until it is lined up to the access hole in the open position. If your vehicle seems to lose engine power while driving in deep sand or very deep snow, switching off the AdvanceTrac stability enhancement feature will restore full engine power and will enhance momentum through the obstacle.

Download the Mercury Mountaineer Owners Manual

Page Maintenance and care Treadwear The treadwear grade is moungaineer comparative rating based on the wear rate of the tire when tested under controlled conditions on a specified government test course. Page 17 Instrumentation Trip odometer Registers the kilometers miles of individual journeys. Press the MENU control again to disengage the clock mode.


Page OFF and restart the engine with all other objects on the key ring held away from the ignition key. Do not start manal engine when your vehicle is on the jack. Page Driving spin.

Instrumentation Turn signal Illuminates when the turn signals or the hazard lights are turned on. Ford ESP also offers reimbursement benefits for towing and rental coverage. Seating and safety restraints to the Warning Light section in the Instrument Cluster chapter. If you nevertheless decide to equip mwnual AWD for off-road use with tires larger than what Ford Motor Company recommends, you should not use these tires for highway driving.

Page Seating and safety restraints Reasons given All occupants of the vehicle including the driver should always wear their safety belts even when an air bag SRS and Safety Canopy system is provided.

Page Seating and safety restraints Insert the tongue into the correct buckle the buckle closest to the direction the tongue is coming from. Starting summer grade ethanol is used in cold weather conditions, you may experience increased cranking times, rough idle or hesitation until the engine has warmed up.

Page 38 Controls and features Since the air conditioner removes considerable moisture from the air during operation, it is normal if clear water drips on the ground under the air manuak drain while the system is working and even after you have stopped the vehicle.

Seating and safety restraints The air bags inflate and deflate rapidly upon activation.