She sold her company, signed a contract and was determined to live it up. Only problem, she was a bit of a recluse, painfully shy, kind of clumsy and didn’t know . Lee “A Reclusive Heart” por R.L. Mathewson con Rakuten Kobo. Tired of being walked all over and ignored, Jamie decided that it was time to make something. Under the Covers book blog reviews the second in the Hollywood Hearts series, A Reclusive Heart by R.L. Mathewson.

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Wow this was a story that I absolutely loved!!

A Reclusive Heart (Hollywood Hearts 2)

Several months later I finally gave in and tried. Always On My Mind: Nick is an editor at said publishing company and is looking forward to getting the great up and coming author J. Her chocolate addiction an Another hilarious book from R.

If You Were Mine: Top Reviews Most mathfwson Top Reviews. However, he slowly transformed for the better once Jamie started to make her way into his heart. The heroine mahewson makes me go WTF? To say Jamie had low self esteem would be the understatement of the year. Customers who bought this item also bought. Needless to say I was done with it in one setting.


For four months straight I worked day and night until finally I finished my first book. Glad I read this though. The Arrangement 2 The Ferro Family. This is my second R.

My favourite part in This book is When Jaime heroine wants to learn about sex so she decides to watch porn on her computer but promptly downloads a virus and has to take her computer to Nick hero his responses is fricken priceless!! Luckily, they figured it out and were able to reach their hea!

There were a few good pages in an otherwise unenjoyable book. Then of course I re-read what I wrote, cringed and deleted the entire book and started over again. You can find this phrase several times per page.

I have not been disappointed with any of them. I don’t believe you need to read the first novel in the series to enjoy this book, I’ve read quite a few of R. After a short stint as a Residential Home worker I decided to try the stay-at-home mom job matyewson found out something very nathewson. It gives me a great deal of freedom and allows me to retain full control over my work, which of course allows me to set the prices of my books and make them affordable for everyone: She’s been put down in preference for her older sister all her life and matheson made to believe that she is ugly and worthless by her family.


R.L. Mathewson | A Reclusive Heart

I nearly peed my pants laughing And Jamie the h is no better. Fortunately, I kept reading and Nick gets much better as the book progresses and by zl end I really liked him and Jamie gets more of a backbone as well and I found I really liked her too.

Nick isn’t about to bed her but offers to help her with some advise. Like for instance, Nick called Jamie “the little recluse” in the beginning of the story and the narrator tinges it with an annoyed flavor when Nick thinks it in the beginning. It was charming and boyish, but pretty?


Later as the story progresses, Nick starts calling Jamie “his little recluse” and it’s said with much more caring and affection. Website Blog Twitter Facebook Goodreads. I started this book last night and pretty much Mathewdon to read it straight through! I can’t help myself, this was a big no go for me.

Return to Book Page. I also loved seeing Edward and Dana again.