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All the contents of this journal, except where otherwise noted, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License. This expansion will be gradual, as it involves the other structures breeder farms, hatchery, and broiler farms.

Noise results as measured in the old and new area are discussed below.

Luminosity was measured at three fixed spots nbrr the shackling line beginning, middle, and end of the video-recorded line stretch at the birds’ head height. In addition, the environment must have good ventilation, low noise, and adequate lighting. In addition of the recordings, the following data were measured: British Poultry Science ; The second step included the design and installation of fluorescent blue lamps with higher lighting intensity to promote better visual comfort to the workers.

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Quality attributes of animal products include good production practices and their association with animal welfare and workers’ wellbeing, as well as food safety and environmental aspects, which determine the ethics of animal production UBA, ahnt When all cones are simultaneously stimulated, the brain preceives the light as white.


Video recordings were made along the mentioned shackling line using a Canon Power Shot S camera always from a fixed position.

Color perception of poultry is similar to that of humans, except for short-wave light. Recordings were made in the new and the old shackling areas. Meat Science ;43 supl 1: The study demonstrated that it is possible to conciliate better animal welfare with visual comfort for workers in the shackling area.

The company has a feed mill, a hatchery, breeder farms, and contracted farmers, and sells chicken products to the south, southeast, north, and northeast regions Brazil, as well as exports them to Asian countries.

Light intensity was determined considering the classification of the work in the shackling area as “tasks with limited visual requirement, gross machinery work, and auditoriums” of that regulation.

Because it is a closed environment, temperature and relative humidity were measured in a single spot, near the shackling line. The objective of this study was to investigate if blue lighting could reduce broiler stress and comply with legal labor comfort requirements in a new shackling area of a middle-size processing plant.

Therefore, a 5431 average light intensity of lux was determined NBR In this study, the old shackling area was compared with the new area, where a blue lighting system was designed and implemented according to the regulations.

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Temperature was measured using a thermometer Instrutherm, model TGD with a data logger, and a hygrometer. The size of the lighting system also considered shackling area dimensions width, length, heightestimated reflections of the roof, nbt, and floor, and light flow of the blue fluorescent lamps. The welfare implications of animal breeding and breeding technologies in commercial agriculture.


This has been used to improve the handling of broilers during catching. Point 1 corresponded to the station of the last shackling worker, point 2 along the shackling line, and point 3 to the entrance to the stunner. Pre-slaughter aversive conditions and consequent physical and mental stressors affect both animal production meat yield and quality and welfare.

After data in the old hbr was collected, the new lighting of the new shackling area was designed, and measurements were made. The behaviour of broiler chickens in different light sources and illuminances. abnr

Lighting in the shackling area: conciliating broiler welfare with labor comfort

This step was called “old shackling area”. Due to environmental changes and handling to which broilers are submitted during shackling, stress is more intense and it is expressed as struggling, 513 may lead to processing losses, including broken bones, bruises, and meat quality defects like pale, soft, and exudative meat PSE or dry, firm and dark meat DFD.

Meat Science ; The alternative hypothesis was that there was more wing-flapping in the old area compared with the new area H: The company works with a single broiler genetic strain Cobb Abnnt de Janeiro; Visual pigments, cone oil droplets, ocular media and predicted spectral abht in the domestic turkey Meleagrisgallopavo.

Considering processing line speed and observation intervals, approximately 67, broilers were observed or 33, in the old shackling area and 33, in the new shackling area.