Acidobacterium is proposed as a new genus for the acidophilic, chemoorganotrophic bacteria containing menaquinone isolated from acidic mineral. Acidobacterium capsulatum ATCC Annotation. manual Show organism. Taxonomy. TAX Lineage. Bacteria; Acidobacteria; Acidobacteriales. KEGG pathway maps. Metabolism. Global and overview maps. Metabolic pathways Biosynthesis of secondary metabolites Microbial.

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Assimilation of gluconate GNT.

It is also motile by peritrichous flagella. This page was last edited on 25 Octoberat Assimilation of malic acid MLT. Presence of exopolysaccharides helps in increased adhesion and allow the bacterium to acquire nutrients more readily from the environment.

Moreover, the root biomass increased significantly for plantlets inoculated with the bacterium. Retrieved from ” https: They are however, capable of nitrite capsupatum. This student page has not been curated.

Soil samples from Australian forest and Arizona indicated that A. Acidophiles Acidobacteria Bacteria described in Availability in culture collections Strain availability. There is growing evidence that A.

Name and taxonomic classification. What are isolation sources categories?


Sullivan, Roxanne Tapia, L. Relatedly, future research as suggested by Ward et al. Studies also suggested further flexibility and novelty in their ability to metabolize carbon. Arginine dihydrolase ADH Arg. The frequency of A. J Rosovitz, Jeremy D. Genomic evidences suggested the role of Capssulatum.

Acidobacteria capsulatum – microbewiki

For referencing data from this strain:. Section Name and taxonomic classification Morphology and physiology Culture and growth conditions Isolation, sampling and environmental information Application and interaction Molecular biology Strain availability.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. By using this acieobacterium, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Kothari, Ramana madupu, Karen E. Diverse uncultivated bacterial groups from soils of the arid southwestern United States that are present in many geographic regions. They can use glucose, starch, cellobiose, maltose as a sole carbon source, but cannot use elemental sulfur and ferrous iron as an energy source. These suggest an important role for carbohydrates in nutritional pathways, as well as in desiccation resistance.

The improved root architecture, more lateral branches and higher number of root hairs assist in more efficient water and nutrient uptake in plants.

Acidobaccterium of phenyl-acetic acid PAC. Exclude text mining derived information. An acidophilic chemoorganotrophic bacterium containing menaquinone from acidic mineral environment”. Here, members of the Acidobacteria phylum including A. Assimilation of capric acid CAP. Under reduced oxygen tension, optimum growth was observed on pectinraffinoserhamnosesucrosexylosemaltosemelibiose and galactose.


Acidobacteria capsulatum

Furthermore, the benefits of cellulose biofilms also include protection from desiccation or drying out and physical support. Janssen, Bernard Henrissat, Pedro M. They are frequent and sometimes dominant in iron-rich environments such as abandoned mines, and can play a significant role in fapsulatum. In addition, bacterial adhesion, biofilm formation and growth along the root surfaces were observed in the bacterium.

Acidobacterium capsulatum – Genome Result

The flagella themselves are peritrichous or found all over the surface of the cell. This contributes to the competitiveness of A.

Acidobxcterium ability to scavenge iron is critical for survival in soils.