What Was the ADM Jabalpur Case? On 25 June , Prime Minister Indira Gandhi invoked Article and imposed a state of Emergency. Hans Raj Khanna (3 July – 25 February ) was an advocate, jurist and judge. While the Habeas Corpus case is Justice Khanna’s most celebrated ruling, .. “A.D.M. Jabalpur vs Shukla: When the Supreme Court struck down the . PETITIONER: ADDITIONAL DISTRICT MAGISTRATE, JABALPUR Vs. .. The Act in the present case is valid law and it has laid down procedure of applying the.

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Justice Khanna died in his sleep on 25 February True to his apprehensions, his junior, M.

Bhagwatiagreed with the governmental view that even the fundamental rights enshrined in the Constitution of India like the right to life stood abrogated during the period of national emergency. He did however accept the office of Chairman of the Law Commissiona post he held without any pay. Violation of democratic rights in India, v. Justice Beg even went on to observe: In an atmosphere where a large number of people had been detained without trial under the repressive Maintenance of Internal Security Act MISAseveral high courts had given relief to the detainees by accepting their right to habeas corpus as stated in Article 21 of the Indian constitution.

The New York Timeswrote at the time:. Kamal Nath — Kamal Nath Case. However, Justice Khanna resisted the pressure to concur with this majority view.

This issue was at the heart of the case of the Additional District Magistrate of Jabalpur v. Two of his judgements form the basis of modern constitutional law in India, even decades after those were delivered. Khanna, went on to become Chief Justices. I was handling this type of litigation for the first time. The contradicting opinion of Justice Khanna still holds more substance than the majority judgment including the then Chief Justice.


Bharat Vikas Parishad, News. Chandrachudand M. Let us take a case where a detenu has been detained in violation of the mandatory provisions of the Ad.

Hans Raj Khanna

Fascinatingly, at the same time, the case is also a dark spot in the legal system and the judiciary. Parameswaran Amrita Pritam K. The wrong elucidation prompted to encroachment of fundamental rights on impulses and favor of a political figure that had her plan to satisfy. Archived from the original on 23 August Additionally, the State just holds the privilege to arrest if the supposed act falls under Section 3 of MISA and its each condition is satisfied.

If India ever finds its way back to the freedom and democracy that were proud hallmarks of its first eighteen years as an independent nation, someone will surely erect a monument to Justice H R Khanna of the Supreme Xase.

Hans Raj Khanna – Wikipedia

After Indira Gandhi lost the elections ofthe ruling Janata Party wanted him to head the Commission of Inquiry against the illegal imposition of the emergency and the various atrocities committed during it but Khanna refused, as he felt he would appear biased toward Indira Gandhi and her son Sanjay Gandhi.

Shivkant Shuklaone gets to know that there are different perceptions, opinions and views on the given jabaalpur. A series of lectures was organised by Justice Khanna’s family for some years after his death but was subsequently discontinued.

In such a case, it may be open to the detenu to contend that his detention is illegal for the reason that the mandatory provisions of the Act have been contravened. They were presided over by Soli Sorabjeejabaopur was a very close friend of Justice Khanna’s. The preventative detention led to filing of several writ petitions all over the country.


After completing his schooling from Mabalpur.

It was the darkest hour of Indian judiciary which struck at the very heart of fundamental rights. Curtailment of Article 21 jabalupr in general terms mean that there occurs deprivation of right to life and personal liberty, which is against the fundamental right ensured to every citizen of India since birth, along with the Articles of Universal Declaration of Human Rights, India is a part of which.

ADM Jabalpur vs Shivkant Shukla (1976) 2 SCC 521

In fact, when the counsel for the people argued by citing the example of the genocide of the Jews at the hands of Hitler and how, if the decision is given in favor of the petitioner, will give rise to a similar scenario, was scolded and ridiculed by C. He published his autobiography, Neither Roses Nor Thorns in The factual background of the case was that on June 26 ththe President of India under clause 1 of Article of the Indian Constitution declared a state of emergency citing reasons of internal disturbances.

The case of A. But I do not think it would be right for me to allow my love of personal liberty to cloud my vision or to persuade me to place on the relevant provision of the Constitution a construction which its language cannot reasonably bear.