If Oliver James is suffering from what he calls “affluenza” – a depressive middle- class sickness brought on by social and material envy – then. Affluenza [Oliver James] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. There is currently an epidemic of ‘affluenza’ throughout the world – an obsessive, . Affluenza [Dr. Oliver James] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. There is currently an epidemic of “affluenza” throughout the world—an.

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No trivia or quizzes yet. It turns out that the epidemic of “affluenza” is mainly caused by the fact that women nowadays receive an education and want to work. In he was the presenter of a 2-part series about his book, New Britain on the Couchfor Channel 4, followed in by presenting a one-off documentary about infidelity, Affairs of the Heart.

But then again, maybe we need a good reason to move off-planet. View all 12 comments. The cause is the version of capitalism that most Western countries, and many others nowadays, subscribe to. They are also ruled by superficial values – how oliveer they look, how famous they are, how much they are able to show off.

Oliver James (psychologist) – Wikipedia

afflueenza James visits places in the grip of Affluenza, such as Australia and Singapore, and also places less affected. This book details the virus of ‘affluenza’ that haunts the afflenza individual. About three years ago I heard him give a talk about parenting and I was impressed by his serious and thoughtful approach. He takes this idea further by observing how certain countries and societies are less affected by this disease. He seems to occasionally contradict himself. Try to do activities which give you ‘flow’.

In this book, he explores the idea further, and it’s terrific. He suggests that even in your workplace, you may be able to work out which bits you enjoy most and concentrate your energies on those, not on the bits that will lead to approval or promotion — because that will minimise your distress. If they would just stay home and take care of their kids, there would be no problem at all.


On the whole, too many people want too many things and the situation is approaching and maybe even surpassing the ability of this one planet to keep up, so any book that tries to dissuade us from wanting more, affluenxa telling us that ‘more’ won’t make you happier, is good.

A good idea for a book, but so affluebza with anecdote standing in for research for which he is so defensive that it cannot be taken seriously. There is Sam, a New York billionaire who lives alone in a vast apartment.

The one I liked best was the idea to nationalise estate agents. The average replacement time for a phone is 9 months.

This makes you me wonder how many affluenaz sounding erotica writers with obvio I spent the first half of this book imagining the writer of this book to be young ishwith curly blond hair and a roguish look about him. But, at the end we’re provided with some statistics including p-values!

Are you suffering from affluenza? – Telegraph

He has, we are shown, pursued the goals of affluenza to their ultimate point. How to Survive Family Lifehas sold overcopies, as did his book Affluenza On the other hand, the discussions on attrativeness vs beauty and on motherhood were timely for oliveer and gave me some new ways of thinking about the topics if only in mentally arguing jaems himso despite being within a whisker of DNFing this book, I am glad I persevered.

Are you suffering from affluenza? In honesty, I picked up the book as likely already a convert to the ideas which James is attempting to present in the work – as my role as ‘choir member’ I merely expected to be perhaps entertained by the sermon.

The research made him scornful and despairing of the way the over-mortgaged, aspirational middle classes shackle themselves to unfulfilling jobs, working excessively long hours and cutting themselves off from proper relationships — yet here he was, shut up in a Moscow hotel room, working like slave while his wife, Clare, and young daughter, who accompanied him on the first leg jammes his odyssey, were back home.


How did I stay awake long enough to read it? Aug 17, Abdullah Al-Abri rated it really liked it.

Oliver James (psychologist)

The title caught my eye in the local Borders the other day – I’d gone to look for Zakaria’s Post American World which they still can’t find any. Affluenza, as defined by James, is clearly recognisable as our way of life. Which set of stats do we believe? Again, that sounds like well-meaning waffle, but this man is not a waffler.

He postulates a few glib answers about wanting to grapple with the bigger picture, discovering the causes of human behaviour, but really, when a book idea takes him over he is an out-of-control workaholic. As James points out, the virus has spread to television – “most programmes,” he says, “are now barely concealed advertisements for classes of product” – and education. Unfortunately, I do not care if he is used to drinking tea with o,iver queen and went skiing with the king of Siam.

I am beginning to tire of social scientists parading as gurus; they cite small sample surveys as holy gospel. And I felt that he had very jamea sympathy for the people he interviewed for the anecdotes, oliverr though he thought their problems came from their upbringing.

Sit olivver and they will measure your seat. Hey, I agree with affuenza James is saying. Sep 11, Donal Keady rated it liked it. So overall, the book has one argument that he has piled high and tried to tie everything to. If understood well, the insights so derived might even be able to improve the efficacy of various programs that focus on social and economic development, including what is now beginning to be called ‘design for social impact’.