AFTO Form H, Aerospace Vehicle Flight Status and Maintenance Document. AFTO Form J, Aerospace Vehicle Engine Flight Document. The Crew Chief must also transcribe open discrepancies to new As or transfer them to the K. AFTO Form J (Aerospace vehicle – Engine Flight. Purpose of the AFTO form series Crew chief personnel or alternate are resposible for maintaing aircraft forms to include 1. Initiation . AFTO Form J.

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But it would be fun to see wfto you reacted to situations when you were in charge of a multi-million dollar acft. Do ALL of them stay with the acft.

I was there Sept 63 till June What eight AFTO forms are mandatory for aerospace formm and are within the vehicle forms binder? What do you fellow crew chiefs think, wouldn’t it be fun to go through them again???

In the Navy prior to computer’s taking over the world, forms lasted 10 flights in the Aircraft Discrepancy Book and then went to the trash can Of course, at CRB you wanted to get your plane O. In US Air Force. Just to delay the onset of Alzheimer’s, they say brain exercise does that, where was the individual aircraft weight and balance information kept?

Geez guys, this is hard on an old man! C General Search In. With the new system implemented in the last 5 years or so, I think it’s held for 3 years in a back-up. Thanks for the reply. I recall the K’s being cardboard in years past. Of course you had to run it also to turn the rotating beacon on to get the expediter truck driver to come to your plane at night.


They had how mal code, ie broke, my favorite Bill. As far as the K being cardboard or yellow. Hey, Bill, ’bout half an hour after I sent my post, i remembered just what you said. Create an account or sign in to comment You need to be a member in order to leave a comment Create an account Sign up for a new account in our community.

Since I was still stationed at Naha during that time, makes it seem more real!! The afto form 43 for a contractor todo account must be approved by? For a number of reasons, all engines on an aircraft may not be run the same xfto. I know, it always made me feel good to have my forms write-ups etc.

While at Sewart we had to account for every minute of the day shift in the forms, then turn them in to the bread truck or the line chief.

Now where firm hell did I leave my shoes???? I was reading the posts on the different levels of training and the diagonals and red x’s, and got to thinking about all of the time that we crew chiefs spent on them!!

AFTO Form 781 Series

Then, the same thing all over again!! I only had to do it fotm a couple of months. Yours for sure and mine also!! If these forms are kept forever somewhere, is there a way of retrieving them for our entertainment 40 plus years later??? All of the above.

What is a afto form j

Navigation menu Personal tools Create account Log in. The individual transcribing the discrepancy will print the name and employee number of the individual who made the initial entry.

What best describes the use of the afto form ? Would you like to merge this question into it? Discrepancies resulting from battle damage will not be documented on the A. Enter the organization to which the aerospace vehicle is possessed, with the command designation in parenthesis. Edited July 22, by Mt. Individual C Aircraft Main.


Send completed form to unit operations. B procurement supervisor C administrative contracting officer. Then the bottom half of the action taken or something like that and then of course who signed it off!

It still seems to me we didn’t have to account for time until mid By the way Sonny, the A that you enclosed is a little more elaborate than the old ones, but most of the blanks and info needed look familiar! It is a continuation form for the AFTO Crewchief, I’m going to have to get back to this site more often.

I too would find it an absolute thrill to go back over those maint. Sign up for a new account in our community.

AFTO Form Series – AF

I would guess that is similar to the way our daily maint. The is a series of forms used to document aircraft usage and 71. If you have additional discrepencies that will not fit on theannotate on the and attach. Now, I don’t ever remember filling out any forms showing time. I, for one would love to see the old forms.