Here is the story of the home-making products of timeless themes – of economy, efficiency As energy costs and independence have become major issues once more AGA has again put together managing director of AGA Heat. He asked. With Aga and Rayburn we see ourselves not as the problem but the solution to changing consumer cooking needs and to energy management. costs, and continue to do so. The launch of both the AGA Dual Control and Total Control cookers . AGA Rayburn’s home energy management products are fully .

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For occasions when additional heat or hot water are required, the device automatically engages the back-up boiler by either blending the two, or using it as the sole source if the Rayburn is not in use.

We recognised some years ago that Aga had to move in step with the 21st century and we had to address environmental issues. If the renewable appliance is not giving sufficient output, the fossil fuelled boiler is brought into operation in a mixed mode.

In essence, hot water is diverted by the Eco-Connect to where it is needed. Householders also want to get maximum benefit from using renewable energy, so the system needs to be controlled automatically where preference is given to drawing from the renewable source, rather than the fossil fuel. Click here to see some comments from one of our Rayburn Eco-Connect owners.

His comments caricature the Aga of over a generation ago and overlook the many skilled workers at two factories in England who benefit from Aga production and its associated brands. Although it has always been possible to design a shared plumbing system, there have always been inherent problems with devices available to help heating engineers.

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However, if the homeowner has selected one of the ‘eco’ options, the boiler will not automatically fire. As well as being great cookers, they replace the need for tumble driers, toasters, kettles and several radiators.


Once completed, he expects this to sufficiently produce enough DHW for the property without needing the oil boiler at all. Thermistors are used in conjunction with an intelligent control panel to sense the water temperature of the flow and return pipes and domestic hot water DHW cylinder. As a result an Aga or Rayburn home can use less energy per month than a comparable managfment. The world has moved on and so have we.

Paul looked to a wood-fired central heating Rayburn to replace the cooker, and also supply a renewable source of heating and hot water. We barely use oil anymore and the Rayburn really has transformed the way we heat our home. In the current economic climate, with many home-grown brands under pressure, Britain needs strong, progressive companies.

Be a global citizen.

For example, most modern automatic boilers are designed to operate ho,e sealed pipework systems, but solid-fuel and wood appliances generally utilise a traditional open-vented system – making it quite a tough challenge to match the two systems together.

The Eco-Connect panel solves all of these problems and makes connecting Rayburns, renewables and traditional systems a simple job. He then called in Chris Plant of Chris Plant Heating and Plumbing for advice on the models available, as well as the possibility of linking it with the existing oil boiler and a forthcoming solar thermal installation. Topics Energy efficiency Opinion. With Aga and Rayburn we see ourselves not as the problem but the solution rayvurn changing consumer cooking needs managemrnt to energy management in the home.

You will never see an Aga in a landfill site.

G eorge Monbiot’s mnagement war attack on the thousands of Aga owners across the country is a period piece This is indeed a class war, and the campaign against the Aga starts here, 13 January.

In general, it is not always convenient to rely entirely on renewables energy, as quite often it can be insufficient when meeting the total heating and hot water demands of the owner’s lifestyle.


I knew it offered everything he was looking for and would be a great investment; so we discussed it further and looked at the system requirements. Agas last indefinitely and can themselves be recycled. Instead of continuing on with the inefficient cooker, he set out to limit his reliance on fossil fuels and embrace a more sustainable way to heat his home. He said that it would mznagement “stupid to claim that environmentalism is never informed by class” and implies Agas are only for the middle classes and have a much higher fuel consumption than patio heaters.

We actively encourage owners with old coal models to upgrade to the newer, more efficient models. Heat is diverted by the Eco-Connect to where it is needed e.

The amp electric Aga came out five years ago. For British households, there has been no escaping the ever increasing cost of heating our homes, especially for properties that are off the gas grid and reliant on fossil fuels. This is particularly useful for installations with solar thermal, so in Paul’s case, he incorporated a triple coil cylinder with a view to installing solar thermal panels in the near future.

However, for anyone who has had the foresight to install these products, there has always been one perennial problem: In such cases the fossil fuelled appliance has to be used as a backup, and although it has always been possible to design a shared plumbing system, combining sealed pipe work and traditional open-unvented systems can be a tough challenge.

Monbiot argues that “climate change allows the richest on earth to trash the lives of the poorest” and claims that his campaign against Agas “will divide rich greens down the middle”.