The only official test results that the AINP will accept are listed below, along with AINP Employer-Driven Application for a Skilled Occupation · Employer. After you and your employer are deemed eligible the AINP will issue you a letter of AINP Employer-Driven Application for a Skilled Occupation; Employer. Employer-Driven Application for a Skilled Occupation (AINP ) Overview of Employer- Category-Specific Criteria (Skilled Workers or.

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0055 will issue you permanent residence status. This question is for testing whether or not you are a human visitor and to prevent automated spam submissions.

IMM Schedule A: The documents should be according to the stream the candidate has applied. Earlier this program was found to be complicated and time-consuming, but now some changes have taken place to improve the program.

However, this will increase the overall processing times for the application.

Skilled Worker Immigration Alberta

Leave this field blank. The Alberta province has recently made some changes in the rules related to immigration application with dependents. Leave this field blank.

Examples include the birth of a child, marriage or divorce. Through the AINP, the immigration officials may carry out the nomination and intake guidelines that will make maximum number accepted and nominations are received each year. The province will assess whether you and your employer are eligible to be nominated. The candidate must work in the province as a full-time employee in an eligible occupation. Application Forms November 10, admin. ainpp


Alberta International Graduate Category

The job offer must meet Alberta’s standards for salaries and for employment. There is a list provided to let you know about the minimum requirements to be eligible to receive an immigration nomination via the Alberta Immigration Nominee Program AINP:. Who fills out the form? Clearly show in your application that you intend to live permanently in Alberta; Have related education, training, work experience, and any Alberta licensing needed for the position to meet the AINP criteria; Provide a Copy of your valid work permit if you are already working in Alberta; Provide proof of your legal status in your country of residenceif you are not currently working in Canada.

View the discussion thread. Candidate can also live in the place and contribute to its economy. Beginning from the 1 st of January,an applicant is required to have completed at least high school that is equal to Alberta standards to fulfill the eligibility criteria for the Alberta Opportunity Stream.

After you have been nominated, send the CIC forms and supporting documents including the nomination letter to the following address. The Alberta Employer or the Candidate can mail the complete package. Under the PNP category, CIC will only assess the applicant on medical examination and security background check and not on other grounds.

AINP: Application Forms –

Be an incorporated or registered company in Alberta and operating as a business in Alberta i. It will be given preference that the workers having professional, personal, and communities attachments to the province will be considered first for the Canada Permanent Residency that leads to the Canadian citizenship.


Aipn have to show your determined intention of living and working in the province. It is one the best places on the globe for immigration resulting in a flood of applications from everywhere across the world.

You are working in a NOC D occupation or an ineligible occupation; If you are anip Refugee claimant, or you are involved in a federal appeal or removal process; You are a live-in caregiver currently aihp in Canada; You are a temporary foreign worker, working and residing in a province other than Alberta. Under the PNP category, CIC will only assess the applicant on medical examination and security background check and not on other grounds. Show that the job offer complies with all the conditions of the LMIA including your ageapplicable.

If you are found eligible, the province will issue you a letter of nomination. The candidate can request to the immigration authority that their previous application is withdrawn. IMM Schedule A: The AINP does not accept applications by fax. It makes easier for the immigrants to live with their family members in Canada. If you are found eligible, the province will issue you a letter of nomination. You can download the payment form from the CIC website.

If your occupation is exempt from an LMIA, the employer must show 050 are offering you wages and benefits which meet industry standards in Aijp.