The Unofficial Aion Templar Guide Our unofficial strategy report them on our contact page Im crying blood with the Templar’s skills nerf on This cant be real.. at least they .. Killer’s Eye: Skill removed. ⦁ Weakening Blow: Skill. [Class Selection Guide] So you’re returning to Aion or a new player but don’t Templar dps scales very will with gear but it takes some time to.

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Hunt for a Tursin Senty and defeat it. A little talking is all it takes to alleviate the situation – though admitably, this is not applicable in uncommon, unfortunate situations.

Aion: Gladiator vs Templar. :: Aion General Discussions

Scout the revolutionary camps outside the Citadel and return to Spiros to report your findings Update: This is a good way of traveling back and forth from various locations without the assistance of teleporter NPCs found only in main cities. Hunt Baby Octasides and loot a Poison Sac from them. Posted January 15 edited. If you have any interest in this, and of course you will if you’re going to run solo, then the Templar will be your best choice, but you may find yourself needing multiple gear sets pretty early on or, alternatively, composite manastones to maintain a high block stat without having to sacrifice too much of the offensive stats you’re going to need.

This plate class can wield either their akon hard hitting polearm for unparalleled aoe dps or dual wield one handed weapons for high attack speed and single target dps.

Inflicts magical wind damage on a target within 25m radius, and there is a chance of stunning the target temporarily. I listed this as moderate difficulty but this class is actually one of the harder classes as your dps isnt koller high some of the other classes on top of being one one of the squishiest classes. If you want, you can farm them for this item as you can sell it at a much higher price via trade broker.



This class is probably the best off-tank and can even main tank some instances when geared enough. You can’t make a bad choice! Your main job in these instances will be to keep everyone alive by holding aggro, not dying yourself using your many defensive buffs, and using your supports skills to keep others alive shields, heals, etc.

I found that people I got into AION often had no idea what was going on, rushing to end game with awful gear and no idea how to properly optimize stats for different things. Years ago this wouldn’t have More information. Since we are talking about gear and the what-ifs Email Basics Email, short for Electronic Mail, consists of messages which are sent and received using the Internet.

Talk to him and accept the quest Light Up the Night.

Easy This is probably the class Ive played least so I cant say too much about it. Follow the road northwest to find Muranes. Teaching the Faith Christian Education Teaching the Faith Christian Education Course Introduction When you become a pastor, one most important responsibility you will have is teaching the Christian faith.

Register a new account. Maybe you will give RMT a fight, but they could just move to account selling or something like that, especially considering how being “truly geared” is meant to be easier than before.

Return to Kairon to complete the quest Danger from Above Please don’t copy or share it. He is a very fast runner and you’ll have problems catching up with him unless you can catch up with him and land some stunning hits. In order to contact us, please write a message here. Talk to Maniparas Just follow the road leading to the Frillneck Habitat and you should spot the camp.

What are you talking about? It’s loaded with extra features and originally More information. Delivery to the Outer Port 6. Almost all your skills lock you in place with their animation unlike gunner class skills despite not being channeled skills so to pvp well you have to learn how slideshot move during the skill animations with proper timing of movement and skill input.


Inflicts magical earth damage on a target within 25m radius, and decreases the target’s Magic Resist by and Magical Defense by for 8s. Loot its Striking Rod Update: Talk to Spatalos in Verteron to complete the campaign quest Odium in the Dukaki Settlement and get your reward He should be located in the eastern side of the village in a small farmyard. However, a shield is required for this skill. You may start by tackling some quests in Sanctum.

They are a bit hard to use, but are very important and can improve your survivability by quite a lot. They also have some of the biggest shields in the game as they use their summon’s health as a shield, albeit this has a high cd. Gather six of them Update: This is very useful in “pulling” a Once you learn to play them they can be quite easy.

No gunner or AT because nyerk those two. Discover a list of all the key Kinah-making methods available to a Templar in the Aion Templar Guide and be able to make a fortune for yourself and, perhaps, even your future alt in the process!

Take note of any tree patrolled by Frillneck Mothers and Hatchlings. Krallic Language Potion Ultimately, the class you will play best is going to be whichever class you feel most comfortable on and understand most so you should just pick what you would enjoy most.

Hunt down x9 Gray Zaifs Update: Ages 12 and up. Return to the camp and talk to Oz to complete “Illegal Logging” Update: Talk to him again to complete the quest “Krall Book” Maybe with these changes and others Aion could actually get more people to be interested again.

If you are still bound to Akarios Village, use your Return skill to teleport back there.

Tell us some of the blessings in your life.