Akai S Sampler & MD disk drive owners manuals. I no longer have this sampler/drive, but I found the owners manuals in my file cabinet. This is. AKAI MODEL S SECTION 4 SCHEMATIC DIAGRAM AIVIC PC BOARDS No part of this manual may be re- produced in any form without permission from. Akai S This page is mainly under construction. 😉 I want to collect here useful information regarding the Akai S Sampler. user manual (to be scanned); service manual part 1 · service manual part 2 · Update: Info regarding the.

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The Recommended Spare Parts List shows those parts in the Parts List which are considered particularly important for service.

Akai S | Vintage Synth Explorer

Also check areas surrounding repaired locations. To determine where a part number is listed, utilize the Parts Index at the end of the Parts List.

Eight presses will return to the point set by the levers. Accordingly, Rear Panel has been manuap to a new one without on opening for cassette connector. Lifetime expiration of head If the head had mqnual used very frequently or long time, the expiration of head lifetime caused by wearing would be considered. You won’t be able to do much with the S these days.

Please be careful not to make a mistake in the parts no. Frequency Divider Divides the write data signal into half the fre- quency He developed this technology into a one-shot sampler. It is necessary first of all to find the Part Number. To securely attach the felt pad, a tweezer should be used. You can continuously build your own tone sample library with the specially designed Sampler Disk Drive MD I asked him, whether he would still sell it, but he said “Oohm, I could build it, but I don’t like the hustle with sending gear, checking bank accounts and similar stuff; people will call me and stuff like that; ,anual if you [means me] are really interested, you could take over the distributor part”.


Never connect this cartridge to any other equipment. In this case, turn off the power of the S and turn it on again to reset the mnual. Images from Akai Pro.

Akai S612 Service Manual

Then as the basic troubleshooting process, each block is replaced, any incorrect block is deter- mined and the repairment is performed. Sampler – bit linear, 4kHz – 32kHz variable sampling rates. It is also possible to reproduce the sample in reverse. It’s also fairly simple and straight forward to operate, responds to external triggering and is still very well suited to any MIDI studio applications. Pull up on the felt pad holder, then remove the felt pad from the holder. While at EH, he had been working with digital effects processors including digital delays.

And the supply parts are supplied by each block unit as a general principle. It took me some days but finally I found Werner Szugat the guy who developped the update.

Insert a screwdriver into the 2 holes on the rear panel. Accordingly, the Operator’s Manual has been changed as follows. None of operation buttons is acceptable. The kind of part and its installation position can both be determined by the Part Number.

How to read the parts list a Mechanism Block b P. The clock for transmission Filter – Continuous variable low-pass filter. The determination can be performed by replacing the felt pad with a new one.


Realization of sampling time up to 8 seconds 4 kHz, 1 second 32 kHz. IC 1 VEE -8,9 2 2. For the reason, if some troubles are occured under the execution of the MD, the engineer must determine whether the trouble is occured by the MD or S In addition to safety, other parts and assemblies are specified for conformance with such regulations as those applying to spurious radiation.

The head will then be shifted along the recording track from the outer peri- phery toward the inner, performing either read or write operations in the interim. Accordingly, replace the mecha block refering to the mecha block replacement meth- od page C Board Block 2. When he went over to Akai, this became the S Polyphony – 6 voices. The S is also equipped with continuous variable-pass low-pass filters for adding a milder touch to samples. Bidirectional Buffer Not only minimizes influences to the input circuit, but also strengthens drive capabilities for the out- put circuit.

The following symptoms may occur when con- nection or disconnection of the MD interface cable is made while the power of the S6 12 is on. Board into an old type unit, be sure to modify Power Supply P. Manual Click this link to download the Akai owner’s manual.

Only one sample is stored to each side of the disk. The S is equipped with an LFO sine wave onlywhich can add vibrato effects with a delay. A received data input.