Kiam-Kim is three years old when he arrives by ship at Gold Mountain with his father and his grandmother, Poh-Poh, the Old One. It is , and because of. Summary. “A new book from Choy is an event. His writing has a quiet integrity and an exquisite grace.”–Maclean’s Winner of the Trillium Book Award. All that matters by wayson choy. NATASHA LEMIRE-WAITE. Vancouver Chinatown ‘s – 40’s. Immigrating to Canada. Kiam-Kims.

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Ancient tradition, modern troubles, racial tension, and the struggles of immigrants to fit into a new As soon as I found out Wayson Choy wrote a sequel to, “The Jade Peony,” I immediately downloaded it and started reading. This page was last edited on 12 Wasonat Similar Items American woman: This sequel to The Jade Ghat was terrific, though it took me about 50 pages to get into it.

In their new life, there is a constant struggle to balance the new Gold Mountain ideas with the old traditions and knowledge of China.

All That Matters (novel) – Wikipedia

Jun 24, Jennifer rated it it was amazing. Ahhh, what to say about this much anticipated sequel to Choy’s ”The Jade Peony”?

Once again, Choy paints an irresistible portrait of Vancouver’s Chinatown in the 30s and 40s. Life in Canada did improve for mattegs immigrants after the war and I hope we have evolved as a nation since then so that the ‘resident alien’ can more easily become full citizens and not remain in a virtual limbo as in the past. Aug 03, Peter B rated it really liked it. Paperbackpages.


Choy once again accomplishes the extraordinary: All That Matters is a novel by Wayson Choy. At first I didn’t like the ending, but I’ve made my piece with it. People behind us applauded. The life of an immigrant mattees in Vancouver’s Chinatown. Also, I am Korean while the protagonist and his family are Chinese.

All That Matters | Quill and Quire

When I started this book, I first thought, “Hey! Contact Us Use our anonymous matters Report a book deal Contact us via email. Yay for Wayson Choy!! Retrieved 27 July Mar 18, Taewon rated it really liked it. This has happened since I have worked up North, and realized the challenge of cross cultural understanding.


Place a Hold You must be logged in first. In response, the ship blew its horn again. He is pulled in both directions while he works to find a comfortable medium.

I was kind of disappointed in the ending though, it seemed to just drift off. The wailing finally reached my ears.

He also has a girlfriend, Jenny, daughter of one of the mahjong ladies who owns a corner grocery shop. First published in by Doubleday Canadait is the sequel to his debut novelThe Jade Peonyand was nominated for the Giller Prize. All That Matters by Wayson Choy. What legacy, then, had thirty years of his work and investments built?


A heart-warming book, very engaging but a little lacking in narrative. All at once, the world grew more immense and even stranger than I could ever have imagined; I ducked my head to one side and burrowed blindly into Poh-Poh’s jacket.

She interpreted the final toss of the I Ching coins. Chinese migrants provided so much labour and rich culture to Canada but were often not accepted into society as full equals.

Soon after this sign of approval, American gold and large Mexican silver coins were paid into various hands. With my eyes following the great billows of smoke, I heard clearly the echoing screech of wheels.

Wayson Choy writes the characters’ dialogues in both Chinese and English, but they do not disrupt the flow of the story at all. While this was undeniably a good book, I wonder if I would rather read this book before or after the Jade Peony.