Product Description. For a follow up to his acclaimed solo instrumental recording Intuite, Pierre Bensusan released his 10th album, Altiplanos. Showcasing. Pierre Bensusan – Altiplanos by Pierre Bensusan – Music. I’m always amazed at the depth of Pierre’s playing, he even sings on a couple of tracks. I would highly recommend this CD to anyone and especially any guitar.

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Sentimentales Pyromaniaques Pierre Bensusan. Spices Unit Records buy. Rethinking Jazz Cultures Francesco Martinelli: Featured Musician Michaela Rabitsch trumpet.

Altiplanos – Pierre Bensusan | Songs, Reviews, Credits | AllMusic

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For BensudanBensusan continues, in part, with the solo guitar approach of his last disc, Intuitebut broadens the landscape with two vocal tracks, as well as a handful of bfnsusan featuring guest percussionist Blaise Boutlefeu, saxophonist Didier Malherbe, and bassist Michel Benita. Learn more about our star rating system. The result is a broader scope, without sacrificing the intimacy so inherent in all his work.


Album Reviews Hidden Treasures Vol. Membership has its privileges! My advice to new listeners: Drinking Hanging Out In Love.

Pierre Bensusan: Altiplanos

And while it might be presumptuous to extrapolate personality from what one hears musically, acoustic guitarist Pierre Bensusan, in a career that spans over twenty years and ten albums, would appear to be someone with a hensusan attention to detail, yet an easygoing personality who is comfortable with his life. Hymn 11 Pierre Bensusan. Those previously unfamiliar with the French acoustic fingerstyle guitar virtuoso will benwusan this crisp, multi-faceted collection as a well-played, slightly hypnotic and highly irresistible celebration of the steel string acoustic instrument.

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By Marek Szerszenowicz Member since: Jazz Near You Partners. If Only You Knew. Recorded entirely at his home studio in the Champagne region of France, these 14 tracks beautifully showcase Pierre Bensusan ‘s highly original and orchestral six-string style — which is marked by deft left-handed hammer-ons and percussive fret tapping. Sign in Sign up Email address.


Year in Review In Memoriam: Post a comment about this album. Also included from that project is the dreamy orchestral piece “Tacita,” which showcases his command of ringing false harmonics. For Pros Sign in or sign up to create or claim your musician profile page. The tuning allows for a greater use of open strings, lending an almost harp-like quality to the guitar, but it’s hard to imagine any other guitarist who has exploited the tuning to such diverse effect.

Membership has its privileges. Pierre Bensusan- guitar, vocals, whistling; Malherbe- douduk on “Tacita;” Benita- keyboards on “Tacita. Our bensusann commitment has made All About Jazz one of the most culturally important websites of its kind in the world reaching hundreds of thousands of readers every month.