From the title of the book itself, Ambeth R. Ocampo’s Rizal Without the Overcoat ( ) uncovers the other side of the nationalistic icon, Dr. Jose. Ambeth Ocampo describes Jose Rizal as a “conscious hero” because Rizal planned his entire life in details based on his letters, diaries, and. Rizal without the Overcoat. with Dr. Ambeth Ocampo. 29 August | PM Ayala Museum Ground Floor Lobby. Rizal without the Overcoat.

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Nov 23, Albert rated it really liked it. Also, for me, he seemed to be an arrogant person especially when I got reminded, via some writings in this book, of his debate regarding Rizal sketches that Mr.

Even though he graduated with sobresaliente excellent marks in Ateneo De Manila University, eighth of his other classmates out of the 12 students ocakpo sobresaliente as well I clearly remember defending Rizal from one of my classmates whom I had the opportunity of sharing a bus ride home with.

This showcases Ambeth Ocampo’s in-depth knowledge about national hero Jose Rizal in the most reachable and understandable presentation.

It is funny that Cebuano, the native vernacular for a larger percentage of the Philippine population was not chosen, but instead it was the second most spoken dialect and which also happened to the patois of the capital Overcoatt.

Oct 06, Diane rated it it was amazing Shelves: The generation of today as well as all the future generations must be wary about the books that the latter-day historians like Ocampo claim to be true. A few years later, I would learn that a year or two after I left, they started integrating the Filipino subject. I got to share an elevator with him and had him sign my copy of Looking Back 4. This site uses cookies. Anyway, one of my courses this semester was PI or the “Rizal” course.


Rizal: Without the Overcoat (Expanded Edition)

Historical chismis has never been more entertaining. Rizal Without The Overcoat is a collection of articles humanizing national hero Jose Rizal–from telling us what he had for breakfast, his life, to reading between the lines of his revolutionary novels, this book is both an enjoyable and educational read. I seem to keep reading the statement that Rizal wrote for the people, for the masses, for the ‘Indios’! Amazon Kindle 0 editions. Ocampo further augments this feeling by inculcating his experiences on discoveries as well.

And Ambeth Ocampo has justified and even summed up Rizal with this book and it is true that most Filipinos only view Rizal as the National Hero and sure they read his books and recite his poems but know nothing of its intent and purpose. Back then, I remember believing that Rizal is the rightful National hero but I never idolized him or placed him in an unreachable pedestal.

But this helps a lot in my recovery and jumpstart a desire to read the Rizal novels again. Then he uses that same contest to illustrate that we have the capacity of greatness when it comes to the field of artistry. In his letters to his sister, he expostulated that while in Germany, he had a hard time learning the native tongue. That’s when you see that heroes are people who were “just like us”.


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And then Ocampo takes you through the story behind the “Mi Ultimo Adios”, the politics behind the KKK, and a narration of what happened that morning of December 30, Entirely not part of this book’s review! Rizal Without the Overcoat.

Furthermore, there are those who find me superfluous and in no need of my services, thus they reduce me to inaction. We share the same passion, Rizal and I, but I never thought that we had more in common.

He writes so well, given me hhe I could not possibly be patient enough when reading a different history book.

I remember learning for the first time that Aguinaldo was responsible for the deaths of several heroes, especially Andres Bonifacio. Not when Washington defeated the British and Lincoln abolished slavery. You must log tue to edit Common Knowledge data. I was just in HS when Ocampo wrote his Inquirer series.

Rizal Without the Overcoat – Wikiwand

There was no existing manuscript of the original poem, and Rizal never published it when he was alive. Ambeth Ocampo Dimanche des Ambwth. It depicts Rizal’s ordinary yet colorful life.

This curiosity lead me to read the “Mi Ultimo Adios” with fresh eyes, and I’ve never found it more beautiful.