“Tell me what you want.” Gabriel got his hand in Rase’s hair again and pulled his head back so far that Rase’s neck hurt, his back starting to. Rase Illion is a middle-aged captain of industry, a restrained man with a spotless reputation just emerging from the shadow of his vicious, driven father. Since his. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Uneven at Anah Crow isn’t cut from that cloth, and Uneven is not a book for people who.

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May 01, Lisa Henry rated it really liked it Shelves: View all 27 comments. View all 33 comments.

There was once a man who felt as lost as a little boy. Maybe The Violet and the Tom comes closest in terms of the misleading power-imbalance and mutual needs. I read many friends’ reviews that laid the violence out there, and even though that isn’t exactly my cuppa, I don’t mind pushing boundaries. View all 3 comments. Holy crap, Anah Crow! But the point is that because he wasn’t normal, and people have to be normal, he felt that he wasn’t just abnormal: I loved how this was just their relationship, they had no ‘lovers’ time then went into a scene, they were always lovers who just naturally feel into their roles when it was time to have sex.

You definitely need to be in just the right mood for this, but it’s a fucking jewel. I loved it because it was just so fascinating seeing Rase’s world get flipped upside down by Gabriel and how he starts to accept the part of himself he’s been suppressing for decades. The two MCs barely talked. When it comes to safe sex, I’m sure they are able to make the distinction between books and real life.


Though he frees himself from some of his lies and reconciles with his son, he cannot put Gabriel out of his head, and sets out to find the man who woke him up. I don’t think ONE encounter can create such a steep epiphany. Wow, after reading all the reviews here and hearing how harsh the BDSM was in this book, I didn’t even think I was going to be able to get through this entire book. Jul 11, It’s unusual yneven me to have less than four on the go at a time. I mean, this is no ordinary kink.


Uneven by Anah Crow; Dianne Fox – FictionDB

Rase’s ex-wife who loves him and wants him to be happy, and his son, belatedly reconciled and cheerfully accepting of his father’s new identity. And he does, but before Rase realizes what’s happening, he’s cuffed.

Uneven is unconventional to be sure. I thought it worked rather well especially with their age difference and it was a nice switch of how usually the submissive is younger since Rase is the submissive but also about 20 years older than Gabrial at least from a majority of bdsm books I’ve read the submissive has been younger. May 27, Oco added it Shelves: Thanks for telling us about the problem. To hell with my prejudices. I can read two books at the same time, but I get dizzy.

His mouth tasted like blood.

For what it matters, there’s a HEA. He forced him to marry not once but twice, all while continuing to revile him. Those who aren’t, may still not get it. Anah Crow wants to read Spec Ops: At its core, it’s BDSM. Return to Book Page. Was a quick read, with an intense relationship. Rase suppressed his need to be hit because of his father and he made his life into something he had control over but then Gabriel does something that instantly awakens Rase’s need for pain I honestly loved this book.

So why did I love it so much? They have no boundaries, no safe words. Until he meets Gabriel, a sadistic dom with a chip on his shoulder and a murky past, who’s mesmerised and terrified by Rase’s need and his utter submission. So this book is more ‘raw’ than most BDSM books, they really only use a belt and their hands for inflicting pain, there are no safe words but for some reason you trust Gabriel not to ‘hurt’ Rase, Re-read 23rd May Even better and hotter the second time around!!!!


So maybe he wasn’t ‘normal’, and maybe that added a heavy load to his shoulders.

See all 4 questions about Uneven…. Which is when Rase meets Gabriel. Rase loves to be given pain and even humiliated during sex and Gabriel loves to give it and just cow knows what Rase needs. The masochistic mind of the narrator Rase is so sinister!. Maybe an epilogue would have given me the closure I needed. No, it’s not for everyone, and if the average Goodreads review indicates that it is among the lesser of Crow’s books, that is strictly because of the subject matter. Maybe more scenes with the tw 4 solid stars!

This is strictly one POV, Rase. Oct 07, Gigi rated it it was amazing Shelves: He realized what the effects of holding in his baser needs had down to not only himself but to his ex-wives and son as well and I liked how Rase made the effort to get to know his son better, even if it was after his son was already grown.

Over a little incident with some hand cuffs, Gabriel unleashes something on Rase and sets him uneen.