No site Neuroanatomia Humana confira a anatomia do cérebro em questões e videos. Neuroanatomia-ângulo ponto-cerebelar-Dr. Marcelo José da Silva de. de todas las estructuras neurovasculares del ángulo pontocerebeloso. artículos en la literatura neuroquirúrgica sobre la anatomía petrosa. Games tagged anatomia; neuroanatomia; angulo pontocerebeloso. by jo_heinz. Created 7 years ago. Played 21 times.

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B aqueduct of the vestibule. The cerebellopontine angle and posterior fossa cranial nerves by the retrosigmoid approach. A The chorda tympani nerve innervates.

E The supratrochlear nerve emerges through the supraorbital notch and divides into branches. D levator veli palatini. D superficial middle cerebral vein.

Which of the following is NOT true in respect to the pharyngotympanic tube? La afasia de Broca, por lo pontocerebelosl, se caracteriza por ser una afasia no fluida. A optic nerve B oculomotor nerve C trochlear nerve D trigeminal nerve specifically the ophthalmic division E abducent nerve B The incisive canal and foramen transmit.

D inferior nasal concha. Surgical complications of pediatric auditory brain stem implantation in patients with narrow internal auditory canal following retrosigmoid approach. D The cavity of the medulla oblongata forms the inferior part of the fourth ventricle. The retrosigmoid intradural suprameatal approach to posterior cavernous sinus: Neurosurg Clin N Am. C The carotid canal contains the internal carotid artery with associated parasympathetic nerves.


angulo pontocerebeloso by paula bronn on Prezi

E The glossopharyngeal nerve innervates the area of the tongue just anterior to the epiglottis in respect to both general and special sensation. Provas e palestras de neurologia.

Which of the following muscles is NOT contained. Which of the following correctly describes a. D The spiral membrane forms the floor of. A third part of maxillary artery. In very severe forms of Expressive Aphasia, a person may only speak using single word utterances. Branches of the internal laryngeal nerve of the. A dorsal lingual arteries.

Ponyocerebeloso It equalizes pressure in the middle ear. A lesion of the hypoglossal nerve would result in which of the following?

Retrosigmoid approach to acoustic neuroma vestibular schwannoma.

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Which of the following sequences of nerve branches is NOT correct? The internal jugular vein is inferior to the floor. D circle of Willis. Exposure of the lateral extremity of the internal auditory canal through the retrosigmoid approach: D Parasympathetic fibers in the ganglion. Neuro-otologic surgery through minimally invasive retrosigmoid approach: Which of the following is NOT a branch of the second pterygoid part of the maxillary artery?

Movimientos involuntarios incontrolados sincinesias. A foramen rotundum B foramen spinosum C foramen lacerum D groove of greater petrosal nerve E foramen magnum 8. Aangulo axons of olfactory cells. Which nerve might be damaged by a fracture involving the cavernous sinus? Of the following, which is innervated by the dorsal rami?


Rev Laryngol Otol Rhinol Bord. Which of the following is a branch of internal. A superior laryngeal artery. La capacidad para repetir palabras y frases se encuentra alterada. Which of the following passes through the. Which of the following is NOT contained in. The superior and inferior longitudinal muscles curl the tip and sides of the tongue and shorten it. To improve our services and products, we use “cookies” own or third parties authorized to show advertising related to client preferences through the analyses of navigation customer behavior.

Which of the following is NOT a branch of. Which of the following pontocerebelos NOT innervate.

The muscles of mastication are associated with. Which of the following transmits a nerve branch to the meninges? A intracranial collections of blood.

B fracture of cribriform plate. Hearing preservation in the removal of intracanalicular acoustic neuromas via the retrosigmoid approach.