Editions for Sezon burz: (Paperback published in ), (Hardcover by Andrzej Sapkowski First published November 6th Buy Sezon burz Wiedzmin by Andrzej Sapkowski (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders. Już tylko kilka dni dzieli nas od premiery „Sezonu burz” Andrzeja Sapkowskiego. Od ostatniej książki o Geralcie minęło 14 lat. W tym czasie wiedźmin zdążył.

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View all 4 comments. But it’s tied in with more actions, and spread out over less dull, placid pages of ‘nothing happens ever’.

That’s all the positive things I can say about this book, sadly. T You can either read it after ‘baptism of fire’ or -preferably- after, ‘Lady of the Lake’. Likewise, when it comes to the relationships he forges, the villains he fights, or the monsters he kills, all of them feel rather like superficial throwaway encounters in the context of this novel.

The structure of the book is puzzling at first, the important parts are at the beginning and at the very e I finished the new Witcher book – “Season of Storms”. View all 3 comments. It’ll be interesting to see if it’s coordinated with what the Wild Hunt will be about, or if it’s just Sapek trolling.

It was fun to have one more Witcher book to read, after the main saga. Hope you like it, in my opinion it was a pretty good …more You can either read it after ‘baptism of fire’ or -preferably- after, ‘Lady of the Lake’. While this is the eighth one overall when you include all the novels and collectionsit is also something of a standalone prequel, taking place between the short stories featured in The Last Wish and well before the events of the main saga.


Sezon burz

Thanks for telling us about the problem. The Hexer is Geralt, a mutant assassin who has been trained since childhood to hunt down and destroy monsters. One might get an impression of experiencing everything which is connected with White Wolve.

It’s a more contained story because it’s a standalone but it’s also kinda mediocre and jumps oddly here and there. Want to Read saving…. The writing style also took a little bit to get used to, and there were many times that conversations or paragraphs seemed to drag on and on. To ask other readers questions about Sezon burzplease sign up.

I think this book should have just been written as a nov Thanks to Arjen for introducing me to this series and for doing a buddyread with me. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. En sus salsa, vaya. The real driving plot of the novel is not the court conspiracy and sorceresses because Geralt, and the reader couldn’t give less of a shit about all of that but really about Geralt trying to reclaim his swords.

Season of Storms [Nov 15, ]. I got almost exactly what I’ve expected when I finished reading the book. Geralt exists in an ambiguous moral universe, yet manages to maintain his own coherent code of ethics. The story was okay-ish. The storyline was pretty dull for me. In the game, women continue to walk around naked for no good reason at all, there is an attempt at exploiting the sexualization of Ciri Ciri! Seriously, what kind of bullshit is that? After all, what use is a monster hunter without the tools of his trade?


Is there any plan or date to translate this book to English, Please?

Sapkowski’s delightful sarcasm and the solid worldbuilding derived from the previous books partly made up for the lacking in substance. Not to mention the anvrzej effort to put in numerous brothels, and the possibility to actual sex scenes with the prostitutes in the brothels I tried it once out of curiosity.

This book is pretty unremarkablethough. They almost read as a slice-of-life story of someone who is trained as a monster hunter and consorts with kings are sorceresses in a world of dark magic and hideous creatures. Hope you like it, in my opinion it was a pretty good addition.

W oczekiwaniu na „Sezon burz”. 11 świetnych cytatów z Andrzeja Sapkowskiego |

And then all sorceresses have the same face and the same hair style but! He ends up defenseless in all this because his swords are stolen. The author seems to say that the reason Geralt keeps sleeping with sorceresses is because his thing with Yennefer isn’t working out which, to me, is not a fault in itself, because they are so different and Eszon so love a rocky relationship going aandrzejand since he can’t forget her he keeps going for women like her.