To bring a little variety here, I will read (or re-read: I have GM´ed this game) an old favourite of mine: Aquelarre! To bring a little context here. Stewart Wieck is raising funds for AQUELARRE — the dark The third adventure we’ll include in our full-color edition is a solitaire adventure. Unofficial community for Aquelarre, the AQUELARRE — the dark . giving it the new look of Aquelarre’s spanish third edition to the book, but.

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We’ll add some text and other aquelarrre as discussed in Update 4. Reward no longer available backers. But my point here is that the game is no orphan, back home in Spain. I hope it sees an English translation. In addition, when writing this particular “aquelarrian” Decameron, we have always had in mind the idea that it could be used equally with the Core rulebook or your Breviarium version, because in addition to references to both books in the text separated by a bar; first the Core page of the third edition and then the Breviariumwe also added any other spell or creature that does not appear in aquelzrre Breviariumso that you only have to take to your game the rulebook you have with this supplement adventures.

The money they are charged for backing a game project can be tied up for months, even a year or longer. The upgraded new one may include the old one and enhance it as a sort of sandbox setting in a rural areas. Only they lacked dice and a game manual, but surely any reader considers those non-essential accessories. I am intrigued by Aquelarre rpg from Spain Thanks Mercator for clearing things up! What began being a supplement-to-the-expansion Rinascita that allowed to play Aquelarre in the RenaissanceVilla y Corte walked players into Madrid, the spanish capital, and the people that squelarre there in the XVII century, the Spanish Golden Age https: I believe the reason is because backing a project requires a retailer to put aside precious capital.


AQUELARRE — the dark & mature medieval RPG *now in English* by Stewart Wieck — Kickstarter

Find More Posts by combatmedic. We’ll also include a PDF of the “Brevarium”.

There is the nifty detail of splitting Dexterity into separate characteristics: Anyway, the old-paper-looking background fits ediition atmosphere of Arturic era. We’ll will gladly continue to provide additional material for Aquelarre if there is outstanding support for the project.

Finally, after a long time, the characters may be able to continue their wanderings by the side of the strange old man Abu Alim in the lands of Granada.

Spanish edition of Aquelarre. The Masquerade and Mage: That last 1d6 is aquelatre touch divorced from Target Number roll, and thus swingy, but whatever, d is pretty stylish in name, thus forgivable.

Because of 3d fees applied to the funds that you pledge to our project via Kickstarter, it makes more sense to collect shipping charges from you after the project has ended.

We’ll total the pledges made at these levels counting each “Merchant” twice as it includes two copies and compare that total to our stretch goal numbers. Very cool- having backed Aquelarre, and also a big fan of alatriste, I am excited to learn about Villa y Corte.


For a printed copy of King Arthur Pendragon Edition 5. I have contributed to over Kickstarter projects and I have looked at countless projects beyond those I’ve backed.

I’ve taken a couple captures from both PDFs. Learn more about accountability. Components end up with macabre lists and rituals that tread into mutilated dead babies territory.

But this book does not only drink from aquelarre Decameron: Tell us about you.

Aquelarre (3rd Edition) | RPG | RPGGeek

There is information on the five kingdoms in the s Iberian Peninsula, along with descriptions of the main social classes and professions: Is it beyond imagining SJG pulls off another coup and imports another ‘blasphemous’ European RPG with a respectful hand to both source material and delicate national sensibilities? Yes, Rationality and Irrationality definitely sounds like the paired as in, as one goes up, the other must go down coupling of Sanity and Mythos Knowledge in Call of Cthulhu.

Reward no longer available 6 backers. And second, body-swapping, three-layered reality auqelarre — especially Kyriotates — blew many a would be gamer’s mind. Estimated delivery Dec Considering I don’t have the current core pdf for shame