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AR MILITARY HISTORY: RESPONSIBILITIES, POLICIES AND PROCEDURES. AR MILITARY HISTORY: RESPONSIBILITIES, POLICIES AND. Start studying Military History AR Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. AR Military History: Responsibilities, Policies, and Procedures [US Army] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The United States Army.

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The Annual Command History will consist of an integrated narrative and analytical account of the historicallysignificant sr and events that took place in the command during the previous year. Minutes of conferences and meetings. 870- Centerof Military History af provide each organization designated in paragraph a above with a certificate, suitable forframing, that attests to its approved Unit Day. Administrative Assistant to the Secretary of the Army. It is recognized that resources will vary from headquarters to headquarters;however, all possible avenues to leverage technology to the benefit of the AHP will be attempted.

Army units, agencies, and museums will be in accordance with thisregulation. Inthe absence of a firm date of Federal recognition, the date of organization will be determined by the Center of MilitaryHistory.

View in Fullscreen Report. Send applications for approval of Unit Day, accompanied by the rationale for their selection, to the U.

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See para 5—4, below. Interview packageThe following information will be reported for each interview and forwarded to the U.

To ensure this direct access, the historian will serve either on the personal or special staff of thecommander or at the principal staff level of a command, agency, or activity. Users, however, should attemptto address the tasks that are cited below.

The commanders of these organizations will ensure that field history functions and activities as outlined in this chapterreceive adequate support at their subordinate commands, organizations, units, schools, centers, and installations. The history should at clear, concise, and complete and report all items of historical significance to thecommand.

Reporting agencies and commandsThe Command Report may be prepared for any organization or agency and at any command level. The lineage of an organization establishes the continuity of the unit despite various changes in designation orstatus, thereby certifying its entitlement to honors, as well as heraldic items, organizational historical property,organizational history files, and other tangible assets.


Chapter 2Army Historical Program2—1. ReferencesRequired and related publications and prescribed and referenced forms are listed in appendix A. Historical Projects Review Panel. Military history detachments are notintended to accomplish major writing assignments, but may be tasked to provide limited technical support to historiansor historical officers of the commands to which they are assigned or attached.

Has the organization submitted the Annual Command History paras 4—5c 1 through 3? Storage of flags, colors, streamers, and associated items a.

The Center of Military History will also coordinate withthe Government Printing Office Superintendent of Documents to encourage the public sale of selected publications.

A copy of this form is located at the back of this regulation. An index is required for Annual Command Histories. No organization, historical collection, or uncertified Army museum may acquire historical artifacts or art throughdonations, transfer, loan, or purchase without the written approval of the Center of Military History. A former Army National Guard organization that has had its Federal recognition withdrawn may be reconstitutedby the Secretary of the Army.

The honors of a color-bearing organization will not be changed by the removal of its organic elements. Certified Army MuseumAn appropriated fund entity that is a permanent historical activity possessing a historical collection housed in abuilding or a part thereof, specifically designated for the exclusive use of the museum, which is open to military andcivilian visitors at regularly scheduled hours and is in the care of a professional staff that performs curatorial andrelated historical duties full time.

Each organization should observe its Unit Day as a training holiday and commemorate 87-5 history in ceremoniesthat stress unit lineage, honors, heritage, and traditions, as well as personal accomplishments of former and current unitmembers. Combat and Contingency OperationsThose activities caused by combat, civil disturbance, natural disaster, or other 8700-5 or special activities, as wellas by associated support operations. In instances where geographic continuity of an Army National Guard organization includes a period of time as aTDA unit, that fact will be included in the lineage of the unit.

If an access agreement has been af. Command historical publications programs and plans a. If no museum exists, an accountable officer will be appointed, inwriting, by the commander as historical property custodian. Commanders of Army commands, Army ServiceComponent Commands, and Direct Reporting Units may authorize appropriated funds for the publication of unithistories when reference copies are needed by staff elements within the headquarters, subordinate elements, or higherheadquarters to conduct official business.


Commanders of color-bearing organizations will include information concerning their organic elements intheir organizational history files.

AR 870-5 Military History Responsibilities, Policies, and Procedures

Commanders of MTOE organizations authorized an organizational color, distinguishing flag, or guidon exceptorganic elements of color-bearing organizations may prepare unit histories and keep them up to date with periodicsupplements or annual histories. Cited in para 3—1a. An example of the format to follow for CommandReports is attached in appendix C.

The endowment of such honors will not initself establish a lineal connection between the two organizations. Final annual histories are as follows: Table of Distribution and Allowances TDA A document that prescribes the organizational structure and the personnel and equipment authorization and require-ments of a military 870–5 to perform a specific mission for which there is no appropriate TOE. The 87-05, Collections Management Directorate will exerciseoversight for the acquisition and conservation of all material holdings of the AHEC; administer the Current OperationsCollection Project, which acquires dimensional and record material relating to ongoing operations in the field.

The Chief of Military History may select a civilian or military historianfrom the field commands for a professional development assignment to the Center of Military History for a 1-yearperiod or to the Department of History, U. During this review,manuscripts will be judged by rigorous historical and literary standards.

In this regulation, the term applies only to the following combatarms regiments: In instances where there are insufficient numbers of MHDs, thedetachments may be pooled at various levels of command and allocated to ensure comprehensive historical coverage ofcurrent operations. Army museums, historical artifacts, and art a. War service credit may be aar to an organization as specified in AR —8—22, appendix B.