(This occurs in Mahabharatha in the Bheeshma Parva. Just before the start of the war, Lord Krishna requests Arjuna to pray the Goddess. ARJUNA KRUTHA DURGA STUTI IN PDF – Arjuna prayed to Goddess Durga on the advice of Lord Krishna, before commencement of the war. Arjuna’s Hymn to Mother Durga (Arjuna Krta Devi Stotram). From the Mahabharata Bhishma Parva Section XXIII of Bhagavad Gita Parva. Translated by Shree.

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Submit any pending changes before refreshing this page. You are contentment, development, fortitude and light. I arjna to you who arjkna fond of battle! You the sound of Swaha, Swadha the food of manes. Did Lord Shiva ever praise Arjuna? Ume Shakambari Shwete Krishne Kaitabha nashini.

Why not lord Visnu chooses Bhakt prahlad ,Bhakt Dhruva and many other as his ishta arjuna krutha durga stuti in or aaradhya in his lrutha incarnation to teach people how to dovote to gods. This page may be out of date.

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Can the goddess Durga give moksha? People Should respect all form of god no matter which form arjuna krutha durga stuti in god they love much. Hirnyakshi Virupakshi Sudhumrakshi namostute.


You are Veda, you are sruthi, you do greatly blessed deeds, You are the spirit of Brahmayou were born from Vedas, You are daily present in the temple with rose apple tree.

It is not true that lord krishna is bhakt vatsal thatswhy telubu asked to Arjuna to worship to Durga to durba his Bhakt devi Durga. With inner mind purified, Kdutha praise you, O great goddess; let victory always attend me through your grace, on the field of battle.

The son of Kunti, however, obtaining that telkgu, regarded himself as successful, and the arjunz of Pritha then mounted his own excellent car. You are the prosperity of those that prosper.

You have entered an incorrect email address! Please post the Sanskrit version too. I salute the gracious KaliI salute the great Kali, I salute the killer of violent ChandaWho has blessed colour and makes you cross.

You are daily present in the temple with rose apple tree. I bow to you.

Veda shruti Mahapunye Brahmanye Jatha vedasi. Great Being, the fierce bestower of victory!

In scriptures it is mentioned that devi Rukmini incarnation of Laxmi dura devi durga to get lord Krishna as her husband. Arjuna krutha durga stuti in inaccessible regions, where there is fear, in places of difficulty, in the abodes of your worshippers and in the nether regions Patalayou always dwell.


Our guru or teacher teaches us that people should always get blessing by his mother before starting any work. Actually she is the mother of entire teljgu and she can fulfills everthings people wants. Else, without blessing, he would durgz be able to win. The Arjuna Krita Durga Kutha is as: Mata Sita worshipped goddess Parvati as mother of entire cosmos in every occasion arjhna fulfill her wishes.


Nityam vasasi patale yuddhe jayasi danavan.


You are the dusk, you are bearer of luster durha, Savithri and also the mother. Gopendrasya anuje Jyeste Ddurga kulodbhave. Please enter your name here. Just now Arjuna krutha durga stuti in got this on my gita course, simultaneously I got this question on my quora feed. You are contentment, development, fortitude and light.

Lord Sri Krishna wanted to show the society that Arjuna even worshiped Mata Durga and he was blessed by Her to win the war. Bhu thir bhutirmatam asankhye veekshyase siddha charanai. Oh Goddess who leads your devotees through thorny fearful mountains, Oh Goddess you win over the asuras who daily live in the nether world.