LIEUTENANT GUSTL. “Lieutenant Gustl” from Plays and Stories, by Arthur Schnitzler Copyright by . Supposed to be a lieutenant in the reserve as well!. Lecture Notes: Schnitzler, Lieutenant Gustl. I. Background –Arthur Schnitzler ( ); a contemporary of Freud’s (6 years younger than Freud); lived in. Readers of Arthur Schnitzler’s novella Lieutenant Gustl may, upon first encountering the text, feel somewhat overwhelmed by a seemingly.

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Likewise, and much more seriously, the military itself was in no way amused with Lieutenant Gustl. I feel as if I were drunk.

Gustl tells the man to shut up and recognizes him too late as the baker who frequents the same coffeehouse as Gustl. In the early hours of the morning, as he treats himself to his last breakfast, he learns that the baker died of a stroke in the night.

One might think here of the moment in which Sophocles’ Oedipus recognizes that he has fulfilled the prophecy that he would murder his father and marry his mother, which results in him blinding himself. Such a wholeheartedly good creature. This file contains additional information such as Exif metadata which may have been added by the digital camera, scanner, or software program used to create or digitize it.

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Gustl arrives at no final insight into himself or his character; he is a static figure in this regard, and hence also comical in the technical sense of related to comedy.

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Yes, I could take the first train at seven o’clock to Graz. When it was first published on December 25, in the Neue Freie PresseLieutenant Gustl was met with xchnitzler reaction.

See Papa, Mama, Clara again before it’s all over. They all wanted me to do that when I was a kid. Print this article Print all entries for this topic Cite this article.

None but the Brave (Leutnant Gustl) by Arthur Schnitzler, |

I’d sit down facing her again. Well, the Jews are the ones with the money.

Having a stroke doesn’t mean that he’s dead. If that letter is found-the fellow will get into trouble.

No, he talked very softly- right in my ear. Who told you about it?

Did he say that to me? That one over there seems rather nice.


It opened in the Olivier Theatre 20 June Views View Edit History. View all 5 comments. Probably a couple of officers in my company are there now. How would it be if I were to talk it over with Kopetzky? Who’s that bowing to me over there?

Yes, that would have put me in a different social circle. It’s already growing light.

File:Arthur Schnitzler Lieutenant Gustl (1901).jpg

This is getting serious, Gustl! I haven’t even felt like smoking! What other subjects are there? Well I must see to it that Ballert gets his hundred and sixty gulden-I must make a note of that before I sho6t myself. Gust domain Public domain false false. I’ve got it right here. And he knows me. And now he notices that the lieutenant hasn’t slept at home.