ASHRAE 55-2007 PDF

ANSI/ASHRAE Standard (Supersedes ANSI/ASHRAE Standard ) ASHRAE STANDARD Thermal Environmental Conditions. CBE Thermal Comfort tool to calculate thermal comfort according to ASHRAE Standard , ASHRAE standard 55 thermal comfort tool, thermal comfort. See Appendix I for approval dates by the ASHRAE Standards Committee, the ASHRAE an ASHRAE Standard may be purchased from the ASHRAE Web site .

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Standard 55 – Thermal Environmental Conditions for Human Occupancy

The Building Services Engineer Heating, ventilating, and air conditioning Building engineering Heat transfer Architecture Architecture occupations. In order to achieve acceptable results, the standard also suggests the minimum equipment accuracy based the current industry standard.

Time averaging for radiant asymmetry is the same as for mean radiant temperature. This handbook chapter provides additional information for estimating and measuring activity levels.

When thermal conditions in the aahrae zone have a high sensitivity to time of day and weather conditions, the measurement shall be made such that the high and low extremes of the thermal parameters are determined. It is spatially and temporally averaged in the same manner as air temperature.

It is not yet known the extent to which people may modify their metabolic rate to decrease warm discomfort. The comfort ahrae is defined in terms of a range of operative temperatures that provide acceptable thermal environmental conditions or in terms of the combinations of air temperature and mean radiant temperature that people find thermally acceptable.


If occupancy distribution cannot be estimated, then the measurement locations shall be as follows: Precise relationships between increased air speed and improved comfort have not been established.

Thermal comfort – compliance | U.S. Green Building Council

All of the building systems must be designed to maintain the occupied spaces at the indoor conditions specified by one of the described evaluation methods at design conditions.

In buildings, it may be appropriate to measure the clothing and activity levels of the occupants. Equipment Equipment adding or taking away from the heat load. This ashgae recommends a specific percentage of occupants that constitutes acceptability and values of the thermal environment associated with this percentage.

Every effort is made to balance the concerned interests on all Project Committees. An accompanying table lists provisions for higher operative temperatures at air speeds above 0. Systems designed to control humidity shall asrae able to maintain a humidity ratio at or below 0. Retrieved from ” https: These values are valid for an average adult with surface skin area of 1.

Included for comparison purposes only.

Thermal and comfort sensations of sedentary persons exposed to asymmetric radiant fields. When such measurement is not feasible, this standard provides four methods to determine the clothing insulation. The second method for evaluating the comfort conditions is to analyze specific environmental data for compliance with the requirements of this standard.

The vast majority of the available thermal comfort data pertains to sedentary or near sedentary physical activity levels typical of office work. The first form of variability may result in differences in the requirements for thermal comfort between the different occupants, and these differences should be addressed in applying this standard.


Thermal comfort – compliance

Metabolic rate is the rate of transformation of chemical energy into heat asgrae mechanical work by metabolic activities of an individual.

Internet Explorer versions 7 and older have known compatibility and security issues with modern web standards which affect next generation Web 2. Submit an e-mail or a CD containing the change proposal files to: Sign up for email Enter your email address: For metabolic rates less than or equal to 1.

In order for this optional method to apply, the space in question must be equipped with operable windows that open to the outdoors and that can be readily opened and adjusted by the occupants of the space. See Section 3 for the definition of 55-20007 time and its relation to the time constant.

In general, body motion decreases the clothing insulation by pumping air through clothing.

Standard 55 – Thermal Environmental Conditions for Human Occupancy

Ashgae hour is the number of occupied hours within a defined time period in which the environmental conditions in an occupied space are outside the comfort zone. The horizontal radiant asymmetry is the maximum difference between opposite plane radiant temperatures for all horizontal directions. No, the project team must not exclude th However, the time-averaging period extends only to three minutes.