Supported products: AVerVision U15; AVerVision U10; AVerVision PL50; AVerVision SPB; AVerVision SPB+; AVerVision SPB; AVerVision M70 . You can download and update all AVerVision U15 drivers for free on this page. Choose a proper version according to your system information and click. The AverVision U15 is a lightweight compact visualiser perfect for schools looking for a simple to use full-featured digital presentation solution. The U series .

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How do I fix this? This saves you from having to purchase an additional hub for the computer. What is the captured button for on the U15 camera head? This is to prevent the USB cable from pulling. Test your U15 with another computer and see if the problem still exists.

The U15 has a gooseneck that allows you to lean, bend, and flex the camera in any direction. The camera comes with two onboard usb ports that allows external usb mouse devices to be connected including the AVerPen. Is the U15 hi-def? My computer is farther away from where I teach, what’s the maximum length of USB cable I can use for the U15 to still perform?


U15 Support: FAQ, troubleshooting, and downloads | AVer USA

What are the main differences between the U15 and the Averivsion Connect another USB device to that port to rule out this possibility. No, this camera is totally powered via USB. What software tools is provided? Does the U15 have an adjustable neck?

Adjust the goose neck instead of the arm when you need to change views. The U15 is a USB powered document camera. Yes it comes with a built in on board microphone.

This is to prevent the bottom of the arm from hitting the USB plug. Do you have to have a computer to use the U15? Images and recorded avervusion are automatically saved to your computer.

Yes, the U15 is completely powered and operated by a computer. Is there a light source on the U15? Where do I download software for the U15? Be sure your USB cable is properly connected and provide enough slack for the USB cable to allow the camera to move around. It is recommended to adjust the bottom arm at a 90 degree angle so that it is perpendicular to the base.

Sphere Software

Can I connect the U15 to my computer? Is there a way to save images or Record videos displayed by the U15? Approximately 16 feet varies upon quality of the cable. You cannot connect this model directly avervisikn the projector because there is no VGA port. What devices can I connect to the camera? I would love to you the U15 on some other Interactive White Board software.


AverVision U15 visualiser / document camera

The U15 has a built agervision LED light attached to the camera head that provides light to your presentation when needed. Software for the U15 can be downloaded at: Do I need an additional power outlet for this camera?

U15 Document Camera Downloads Updated: U15 Document Camera FAQ Can this product support flip teaching flipped classroom where students learn new contents online by watching video lectures at home and apply what they learn in the classroom? Does the U15 have any on board microphone? Yes, the U15 has an adjustable avervisioj of 30fps at p.

This may cause the camera to have insufficient power to run consistently.