BGI 819-6 PDF

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Therefore, generally under these market conditions, the synthetic short position, when activated, will generate bgo negative return. This difference could be particularly large if there is a significant increase in the level of the Index after the relevant Valuation Date, if there is a significant decrease in the level of the Index prior to the relevant Valuation Date or if there is significant volatility in the Index during the term of the notes.

You should carefully consider the following discussion of risks before vgi decide that bgj investment in the notes is suitable for you. The trading activity associated with these hedging transactions will contribute to the trading volume of the VIX futures contracts included in the Index and may affect the market price of these VIX futures contracts and, in turn, adversely affect the level of the Index.

Unlike other indices, the maintenance of the Index is not governed by an independent committee.

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The daily rebalancing adjustment amount is intended to approximate the slippage costs that would be experienced by a professional investor seeking to replicate the hypothetical portfolio contemplated by the Index at prices that approximate the official settlement prices which are not generally tradable of the relevant VIX futures contracts.

In this case, the impact on the Index performance due to the daily rebalancing adjustment amount will be substantially greater. The notes are expected to price on or about March 25, and are expected to settle on or about March 28, There can be no assurance that the relevant synthetic exposures will not be subject to substantial negative returns. Because the VIX futures contracts that underlie the Index are of recent origin and limited historical performance data exists with respect to them, your investment in the notes may involve a greater risk than investing in alternate securities linked to one or more financial measures with an established record of performance.

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Slippage costs are costs that arise from deviations between the actual official settlement price of a VIX futures contract and the prices at which a hypothetical investor would expect to be able to execute trades in the market when seeking to match the expected official settlement price of a VIX futures contract. Morgan Strategic Volatility Index.


No assurance can be given that the investment strategy on which the Index is based will be 81-96 or that the Index will outperform any alternative strategy that might be employed with respect to the VIX futures contracts underlying the Index. Hypothetical back-tested results are neither an indicator nor a guarantee of future returns.

For example, if the level of the VIX Index is greater than 70 which bbi to the highest rate of 0. Your investment in the notes will involve significant risks. If the notes priced today, J. Calculation of Index Levels — iii.

On or about March 25, As a result, you will be exposed to market risk in the event the market fluctuates after we accept your request that we repurchase your notes, and prior to the relevant Repurchase Date.

Investors should regularly monitor 81-96 investment in the notes to ensure that it remains consistent with their investment objectives. Historical information with respect to the VIX Index is provided for reference purposes only.

Any decline in our credit. For example, in connection with the maintenance of the Index, JPMS may receive a portion of the aggregate profits, if any, that may be generated from time to time related to some portion of the deduction of the daily rebalancing adjustment amount from the level of the Index.

Backwardation in VIX futures contracts is typical in a high-volatility market environment. Because there is no limit to possible increases in the value of the VIX futures contracts underlying the synthetic short position, the potential losses as a result of short exposure are unlimited; however, in no event will you lose more than your entire investment in the notes. You may request that we repurchase your notes on a daily basis in a minimum denomination equal to the Principal Amount, subject to our acceptance of your bbi and your compliance with the procedural requirements described below.

Conversely, under these market conditions, when the synthetic short position is activated, although the price return of each VIX futures contract that composes the synthetic short position generally will also be negative, because this is a synthetic short position, the negative price return of the relevant VIX futures contracts will generate a positive return for the synthetic short position.

As a result, the Index may incur negative 819–6 yields for an activated or partially activated synthetic short position or may fail to capture positive roll yields from a deactivated or partially deactivated synthetic short position. The notes will not be listed on any securities exchange.


April Official Canvass

New York City time, on the Repurchase Date. As a consequence, investors in the notes should understand that their investment is exposed to the performance of the VIX futures contracts, which can be volatile and move dramatically over short periods of time. On any Valuation Date, the Index Return is equal to: You may revoke your offer to purchase the notes at any time prior to the time at which we accept such offer by notifying the applicable agent.

The level of the Index incorporates the daily deduction of a an adjustment factor of 0. The notes are offered pursuant to an exemption from regulation under the Commodity Exchange Act that is available to securities that have one or more payments indexed to the value, bbgi or rate of one or more commodities, which is set out in section 2 f of that statute. Assuming this treatment is respected, the gain or loss on your notes should be treated as long-term capital gain or loss if you hold your notes for more than a year, whether or not you bg an initial purchaser of notes at the issue price.

The Index is a rolling index, which rolls throughout each month. Calculation and Publication of Index Levels — B. Therefore, under these market conditions, and if the synthetic short position is not activated, generally, we expect the level of the Index and therefore the value of the notes to decline. However, the VIX Index historically has not remained at such elevated levels for more than a few days, weeks or months at a time. Additional Terms Specific to the Notes. The return on your initial investment will reflect the daily deduction of the index fee and the daily rebalancing adjustment amount from the level of the Index and, in the case of an early repurchase, the deduction of the Repurchase Fee Amount.

If we do not receive such notice or we or our affiliates do not acknowledge receipt of such bgj which means we have declined to accept your repurchase requestyour repurchase request will not be effective and we will not repurchase your notes on bfi corresponding Repurchase Date.