Iron Shirt Chi Kung III – Bone Marrow Nei Kung. Bone Marrow Nei Kung cover A guide to nourishing the body through bone marrow rejuvenation exercises. Chi Kung: the Unconsciousness and Wonderment Dancing and Bone Chi.. him the Shao-Lin Method Untitled-1 Allogeneic Bone Marrow Transplant. His advice was awesome to start me off, but it had me really curious about Bone Marrow Nei Kung. I studied shaolin kungfu and taijichuan

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Use the same steps as in Bone Breathing, but retain the Chi by spiraling it throughout the limbs. Inside Elbow-Pinky Finger Line Circulate the Microcosmic Orbit Mui Yimwattana in Thailand. These techniques are the main focus of this book in preparation for the higher level practices, such as Chi Weight Lifting.

Nel Chi Weight Lifting practice described in Chapter Five is restricted to persons who have been individually trained in a Universal Tao program. When we are sick, or become old, this pressure decreases, and the body reacts like a car tire losing air. You will first combine the energy from the two sources at the center of the spine, and then move it upwards into the skull. I found this marros to be awesomely effective, and once i had reached the sternum, I was able to sort of tie the bone breath in with my lung breaths and just focus on the whole circuit in a general way, inhaling awesome light and qi into my fingers and toes, and exhaling stagnant energy out of them.

He then learned Chi Nei Tsang from Dr. It appeared that he had been shunned without ever learning from this master after all.

In other words, this energy can be used to replenish its sources within our bodies so that we can regenerate our internal systems and better maintain them. I would recommend it. Apply the cloth to the coccyx and massage its tip, gradually applying more pressure to activate the Sacral Pump. Bone Breathing and Bone Compression Using the mind breathe in external energy through the fingertips and kkung.


Summary of Bone Breathing and Bone Compression Although Bone Breathing and Bone Compression are most easily practiced from a seated position, advanced practitioners usually graduate to the Embracing the Tree posture as used in the practice of Iron Shirt I. It proved to be too much for him as he recently died at a very young age, allegedly from a mmarrow clot in his testicles that may have matrow up to his brain.

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Yang is the bnoe charge, and represents a hot, volatile energy that is characteristic of masculinity. Fingers and toes together. Swallow deeply into the sexual center to enhance the compression. After the Chi from both sources has returned to the upper spine, the energy will spread out through the rib cage and recombine at the sternum.

Hold it there at the base of the skull. With the exception of Chi Weight Lifting, all of the following exercises, including the supplemental practices, should be used in your training schedule to some extent. This master felt that, unless one had patience, no one was worthy of his lessons. One Hand and Forearm He was soon able to clear blockages to the flow of energy within his own body.

Millions of women would benefit from to these exercises as a preventative measure ni osteoporosis. These techniques mwrrow be used independently of the other Bone Marrow Nei Kung exercises. Use your mind to guide the Chi flow to the sexual center and genitals. Marrow through the Collarbone and Scapulae Inhale, spiraling energy upward from your fingertips successively through the hands, ulnae, radii, humeri, shoulders, and into the scapulae and collarbone.

You should find that this practice greatly enhances your health and sexuality. Feel the Chi from the thymus and the breasts activate the energy of the lungs.

Students should understand both versions before attempting Bone Marrow Nei Kung. At the same time, spiral from the hands to the upper spine and into the head. He learned how to circulate energy through the Microcosmic Orbit and, through the practice of Fusion of the Five Elements, how to open the other Six Special Channels.


Then include the breathed-in Chi from the length of the arms. The crystalline bone structure then amplifies and radiates this energy and information to the rest of the system down to the cellular and subcellular crystalline structures. Testicle and Ovarian Breathing These fields can affect cell nutrition, cell functions, enzyme activity, energy transfer, and many other internal activities.

Between each step, rest for as long as you feeI the need to do so.

Chia Mantak – Bone Marrow Nei Kung | Vissen Kanthasamy –

Healing Love must still be practiced during sex, however, unless the time is right for procreation. It is the working knowledge of these other disciplines that creates a safer practice. Begin with the kunt line, using the left thumb and index finger to massage from bnoe base of the penis to the tip and back. The Sexual Energy Massage releases Ching Chi upward into the body so that it can be used to regrow the bone marrow.

This meditation is a prerequisite for Bone Marrow Nei Kung. Return to regulated breathing, ending with an exhalation, and then rest.

Bone Marrow Nei Kung.pdf

Breathe into the Fingers individually. If necessary, check either wrist to feel the pulse. Tibia and Fibula Bones of the Lower Legs I wish you blessings on mmarrow practice. Stretching the Scrotum and Penis Tendons Do not pull your feet up with the breath. Lumbar Region of the Spine Be aware of the energy as it enters into the tip of that finger only. It is unknown how this process works, but Taoists suggested its neo long before electrical impulses could be generated by anything other than the body.