Bosch Autodome Series VGECEV P HD PTZ Dome Security Camera are a powerful solution built to adapt to any indoor or outdoor surveillance. The Bosch AutoDome Series HD PTZ Outdoor Camera (Clear Bubble) is an easy to install, outdoor PTZ camera with HDTV p30 quality video. Bosch AutoDome p HD. by Security Electronics and Networks | @ Articles Product Reviews | December 20, , am AEDT. Share Tweet Pin Link.

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Requires a small form-factor pluggable SFP module sold separately. In nosch reduced bandwidth mode p30the second stream is an independently configurable, downscaled resolution stream. In addition, the The AutoDome offers advanced capabilities so that you can configure the camera to take advantage of the latest networking technology. Stream 1 must be set to p at 30 ips. With built-in video content analysis, the AutoDome reinforces the Intelligence-at-the-Edge concept where edge devices become increasingly intelligent.

All housings feature recessed screws and latches for increased tamper resistance. During full bandwidth operation full Autodo,e p30 or high frame rate p60 the second stream is an exact copy of the first stream.


Bosch Autodome 800 VG5-836-ECEV 1080P HD PTZ Dome Camera 20x IVA

One of the simplest ways to watch over your yard One of the simplest ways to watch over your yard by Megan Wollerton. QoS manages the delay, delay variation jitterbandwidth, and packet loss parameters to guarantee the ability of a network to deliver predictable results.

Contact obsch If you need to know more, we have experts and information ready and waiting to help you. Security Cameras by Megan Wollerton May 14, Back to the top. Automatic with manual override F1. Normal light source Halogen lamp. Security Cameras by Megan Wollerton Feb 16, Assisted Self Calibration and configurable detection filters improve reliability and reduce operator work load. Weight all SFP modules 0. The AutoDome supports 99 pre-positions and 2 styles of Guard Tours: During full bandwidth operation full HD p30 or high frame rate p60the second stream is an exact copy of the first stream.

Reviews 0 Write a review cvxdcteduterfrdcyyxxtyfvyuxd. Wireless Alarms and Automation: Lens System Lens Aperture.

Progressive — Color representation: With our dealer locator you can find the nearest dealers in your area. ONVIF-conformant devices are able to exchange live video, audio, metadata, and control information and ensure that they are automatically discovered and connected to network applications such as video management systems.


Dimensions See dimensional autoome Weight Indoor Pendant 2. In addition, the Approximately 2 megapixels Aspect Ratio HD: With its recent release of the HD AutoDome range, Bosch has achieved the Holy Grail — leapfrogging itself into the front rank of HD p players while delivering users a stack of digital functionality. Optical Sensor Optical Sensor Type.

Automatic normal, lowOne-push, Manual. HD p resolution at 30 images per second ips Intelligent Tracking automatically detects and tracks an object in motion x zoom 20x optical, auyodome digital Quad video streaming generates simultaneous H.

Bosch Autodome VGECEV P HD PTZ Dome Camera 20x IVA

QoS identifies the type of data in a data packet and divides the packets into traffic classes that can be prioritized for forwarding. Special Alarm Task Script Language 5. The Bosch PTZ can be furthermore be configured with Fiber module and an assortment of mounting options.