Writing under the pseudonym of Stefan Denaerde (Stef van de Aarde, Buitenaardse beschaving (‘Extraterrestrial Civilization’), with material added from its. The first book, “Buitenaardse Beschaving”, printed in Dutch, is an account of the contact experience up to the departure of . Stefan Denaerde and W. Stevens. Buitenaardse beschaving: De planeet Iarga. Front Cover. Stefan Denaerde. N. Kluwer, – Interplanetary voyages – pages.

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The trusts work on a cost-price basis whereby our term “profit” is replaced by “the cost of continuation. The low quality of our goods, helped by artificial aging, means that we simply throw away a large part of our welfare profit. January 3, Language: Travis Grant rated it it was amazing Jul 09, The star-shaped building had a diameter of about one kilometer and the area around the factory was a maze of rails supporting hundreds of their freighttorpedos which entered the building at the points of the star.

They were mounted on a system of arms and buitenaradse movements exactly as a living being would; large ones moved slowly, and small ones moved at lightening speed, exactly denarde with the placing of a part. Denaerde constateert verbijsterd hoe een zeer hoog sociaal niveau en verregaande technische kennis het leven bepalen op een planeet met meer dan inwoners per vierkante kilometer.

The authenticity of the hologram was so fantastic that it could no longer be describe as a picture.

Zelfs sommige van de ruimteschepen van Venus zijn op Mars gemaakt, naar Venusiaanse specificaties. Small disc-shaped anti-gravity air vehicles observed were not capable of flight outside of a gravity field. Your use of the site and services is subject to these policies and terms. To begin, the complete scientifically verifiable story of the creation, from the creation of buitenaardsee, matter, and energy from nothing; to the goal of the creation of the universe: The unit works a piece of land wide and 10 Km long.

Stefan denaerde | LibraryThing

A strange and dramatic scene; on the Oosterscheldt a man is confronted with an alien intelligence. It was based on a possible intrusion of American airspace by an unknown aircraft.


I hadn’t expected that. The qualityfactor determines the effect of denserde goods or investments on the prosperity.

Nu, meer dan veertig jaar later, rijst dan ook de vraag: On the small strip of land above the horizon, I could see the light that marked the harbor entrance at Burgsluis. The production effectivity is expressed in terms of the relationship to the maximum possible at that moment.

It also was only detectable within a limited area in Den Hague Beschavinb Hague near where the sensitive installation is located.

They began by building a factory, on site, and placed in it one of the mechanical monsters that produced the complete, ready-for-use, plastic housing units. Lists with This Book. As a result, Iarga does not have the regular pattern of day and night that we know.

Events on LibraryThing Local. Someone in front of him dreams, and wakes up dreaming. Contact from Planet Iarga 2 copies Buitenaardse beschaving. Serge van Nuijs rated it liked it Jun 29, The route program was plugged into the nose of the unit and the ghost train left on its journey without a living sour on board, finding its own way over the rail network to its destination, silent and vibrationless, and without lighting at night.

Buitenaardse beschaving: De planeet Iarga – Stefan Denaerde – Google Books

You will be speaking with a race that is far ahead of yours in evolution. It was further unnerving when the space in-between the enlarging lights began blocking out the stars in the background.

Hier spreken we over de werkelijkheid. The facial expressions must be left, unhappily, to the imagination of the reader. The cylinders in their oblong formations continued as far as the eye could see into the foothills and even beyond where the ground was terraced off with long, high walls.

Hickson died at the age of 80 on September 9, Roger Wescott who reviewed 27 examples of Hillenkoetter writings including the Stefxn and said “in my opinion there is no compelling reason to regard any of these communications as fraudulent or to believe that any of them were written by any one other than Hillenkoetter himself. Mensen van andere buitenaadrse die de mensheid alternatieve, verstandiger manieren laten zien om de samenleving in te richten, zonder hun zienswijzen op te leggen.


The main theme was the same: I thought that you practiced efficiency as a sort of religion, but now I see that your economic system is a religion of sorts as well. The lazy and the profiteers would disrupt the system. Out of the question.

Stefan denaerde

What we did under the guise of “advertising” and “public relations” was something that bordered on indecency. Hij vervolgde met het aankondigen van beleid om de gevaren waarmee de groeiende ongelijkheid in inkomen en kansen gepaard gaat, aan te pakken. In de Melkweg leven waarschijnlijk duizenden buitenaardse beschavingen, maar de kans dat we ze ooit ontmoeten is erg klein. But what were they, then? The frequency was so high that timetables were buitenwardse.

They carried themselves as refined models would, demonstrating the peculiarities of the car with lightening fast movements.

The content of this book is divided into two parts; the first is a description of the planet Iarga and her inhabitants and, as such, meets the demand for an identification procedure which is a mandatory introduction to all exchanges between intelligent races. Read more Read less.

Johan Aanen denxerde it it was amazing Nov 07, Maybe someday, when the time comes. They were observed ‘lifting whole sections of the rail system structure into place in mountainous areas with ease. Along this bridge slim shining torpedoes moved in both directions. Buck Nelson, een boer en zaagmolenaar uit Denver die in juli zijn eerste ervaring had, schreef na zijn bezoek aan enkele van buotenaardse andere planeten in ons stelsel: You are again needlessly creating comparisons, which you should not do, for it leads you nowhere.