Leading Lyme Physicians in Lyme Disease Conversations – Dr. Daniel Cameron speaking with Dr. Joseph Burrascano. Dr. Burrascano- Treatment Recommendations Dr. Joseph Burrascano, Jr. DIAGNOSTIC HINTS AND TREATMENT GUIDELINES FOR LYME AND OTHER . These guidelines for diagnosis and management of borreliosis (Lyme in turn to our mentors and teachers, principally ILADS and the Burrascano guidelines.

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The medical team must make great efforts to listen carefully to the patient and not be too quick to dismiss seemingly bizarre or illogical complaints.

You need to see at least the 41KD and one of the specific bands.


Penicillin G IV penicillin G is minimally effective and not recommended. Medical News You Can Use. This will demonstrate not only if NMH is present, but also the relative contributions of hypovolemia and sympathetic dysfunction. However, this clearly does not fit with in vitro and a large body of clinical data, which have demonstrated the usefulness of this agent in the Lyme patient. Hyperreflexia, guixelines twitches, myocardial irritability, poor stamina and recurrent tight muscle spasms are clues to this burrsacano.

Because the germ count after such a cleaning will be artificially reduced, and because yeasts are opportunists, they would be the first to come back. The longer one is ill with Lyme, the more likely the illness will be more severe and treatment resistant.


Lyme Disease Treatment Guidelines

It has been observed that symptoms will flare in cycles every four weeks. You will need to alert the pathologist to look for spirochetes. When present alone or co-infecting with B. The positive effects can be so dramatic, I strongly urge all people with fatigue to try this. In addition to measuring free T3 and T4 levels, check basal A. Testing the tick itself for the presence of the spirochete, even with PCR technology, is not reliable enough to guide your decision to treat, as false positives and false negatives occur.

These include duration and severity of illness, presence of co-infections, immune deficiencies, prior significant immunosuppressant use while infected, age, weight, gastrointestinal function, blood levels achieved, and patient tolerance.

Instead, Nystatin oral powder is preferred, as it does not contain sugar.

The LDA does not make specific recommendations for treatment. The days in between exercise sessions should be spent resting.

Follow with oral therapy or IM benzathine penicillin until no active disease for ghidelines weeks. Some lesions have an atypical appearance and skin biopsy specimens may be helpful. If it is a recurrent or ongoing problem, then it often reflects a simultaneous intestinal infection, re-infecting the genital area with every bowel movement.


The most common adverse reaction seen is allergy to probenecid. Therefore, Damminix alone is not sufficient.

Chronic Lyme Disease – Burrascano Lyme Treatment Guidelines

Oral preparations are acceptable for maintenance, but most need additional, parenteral dosing: The entire clinical picture must be taken into account, including a search for concurrent conditions and alternate diagnoses, and other reasons for some of the presenting complaints.

Take two a day for maintenance, and four a day in disease states. Treatment progress is most commonly assessed by PCR post treatment and serial titers. Evaluate fully, including growth hormone levels. Third generation agents are currently the most effective of the cephalosporins because of their very low MBC’s 0. Another alternative is to administer azithromycin parenterally.

Please feel free to download the latest version for FREE. These patients require a full evaluation for all of these problems, and each abnormality must be addressed.

Doctors are not supposed to use the surveillance criteria to diagnose so Lyme treatment should not be based on surveillance criteria. Clinical practice guidelines are often used as reference by physicians for Lyme disease treatment and treatment of other tick-borne diseases.