Item 7 – 14 Trademarks: Trademarks and service marks of Cadence Design For more information on this, see the Specman User Guide. a data coverage item selected, the ICCR GUI displays the Functional tab, as shown in Figure Graphical User Interface for Rule. Customization . Incisive Tools. ICCR. SpecView. Unified coverage visualization. Higher performance for. Trademarks: Trademarks and service marks of Cadence Design Systems, Inc. ( Cadence) contained in this document are attributed to Cadence.

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Coverpoint Bins January 93 Product Version You can increase or decrease the levels, as required.

Incisive Coverage User Guide

To specify the icon that would be shown in the GUI for this action, click the Icon button. As the value 3 is less than 16, the values will be evenly distributed among the three bins.

With FSM coverage, you identify what states were visited and which transitions were taken. This change in total number of bins and total cadeence bins also impacts the actual coverage percentage, which will be different from the expected coverage percentage. When you select any of these options a separate page is opened with a default view set for that page. Figure Opening Analysis Page This dialog box indicates that the page is already launched.

In the File Chooser, select the vsif that defines the new session and click OK.

Incisive ® Enterprise Manager Getting Started | bharath kumar –

If valid bin values across databases are different, then values from secondary database which are present in primary are only merged. In case you do not want to apply refinements to the metrics data while generating summary report, select the file and remove it. It does not control the number of bins that must be saved to the coverage database.


Use constant literals as states, as shown below. Click the empty box in the column heading to deselect all sessions. Figure on page shows a sample CSV file with new computed user-defined attributes. Incomplete runs are mapped to the Other column in Enterprise Manager.

However, bin b2 is hit because after two non-consecutive 12s, value 5 is sampled at 10th sample but before any other occurrence of Notice that the automatic cross bins b1[0],b2[0] and b1[0],b2[1] are not in the report as they are a part of the icfr defined bin b1. If the refinement files are loaded, then the files will show in the Refinement files field.

Figure on page 57 displays the Configuration buide box with appearance related csdence. The following buttons are available on this dialog box to perform these actions: You can also filter data in the table to display only the required items, sort table data, search for items that meet specific search criteria, and also group the runs. Illegal cross bins take precedence over any other bins, which implies icc they will result in a runtime error even if they are also included as ignore bins.

The following figure illustrates kccr point. This is to match the behavioral block, which updates its internal states right after the simulation starts. Covergroup arguments can only be of integer data types shortint, longint, int, byte, bit, logic, reg, integer. The strobe type option is Boolean. Depth Depth that was used for the proof.


The Attributes toolbar allows you to add comments and description to the sessions. Select a code coverage item in the Verification Plan Tree.

You can also restore the hidden pane to its original location by selecting Restore Current Layout cadece in the View menu. In addition, default bins do not participate in a cross.

You can add details and then navigate to the next or previous session using the Back or Next buttons. Otherwise, invoke Usrr Manager using the following syntax: By default, 6 is specified in this field. This simplifies the display and also allows reuse of any memory consumed by previous analysis.

The Constant Object Marking COM feature icc you to automatically detect many unexercisable coverage items in the design, mark them, and ignore them from coverage figures.

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Scenarios testcasesghide, functional coverage, and code coverage are presented separately. By default, the name is specified as Sessions Report. Specman To require Specman to collect check and expect data: Currently, the port direction of the formal arguments of the overridden sample method can be of type input only.

See Resetting Code Coverage Counts for details on this option.