3/2 solenoid valves – Flow control valves – Valve islands -. Accessories · GO AHEAD. Series pipe fittings. Fittings threads: metric. Pneumatic Components for Industrial Automation. Camozzi Catalogue.

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A with swivel interface. Series MTS Stepper motors – dimensions. CGPT gripper, size 16 mm – dimensions.

Series CSD magnetic proximity switches with 3-wire cable. Circular connectors M8, 3 Pin Female. Rod Fork End Mod. Flexible suction pad mountings Series NPF. Series 69 rotary cylinders. Rear trunnion male Mod.

CGPS gripper, size 16 mm – dimensions.

Threaded trunnion pin Mod. Cylinders Series 60 – through-rod. Encoder cables for Brushless MTB motors. Slot nut 6 – rectangular type. Screws kit G to assemble 2 bodies type “M”. Light Sub-base for the pressure remote reading. Series MC soft start valves. Interface plate – profile on slider.


Slot nut for sensor CSH. Electropneumatic valve, monostable czmozzi outlets on sub-base – s. Interface plate – profile side on slider – left position. Single manifold with rear outlets.

Single body for Series K8 solenoid valve. CGPS gripper, size 10 mm – dimensions. Unidirectional flow controllers Series SCU. Panel mounting adapter Mod.

Series 63 cylinders – round tube, single-acting, rear spring. Pneumatically actuated valve, bistable – size 10,5.

Camozzi Products area – Catalogue

Series X super-rapid fittings in stainless steel L. Proportional regulator Series ER Quick exhaust valves Mod. Block for pressure gauge fixing. Series ARP rotary actuators. Series MX pressure regulators. Series VED inline ejectors. Series MD activated carbon filters.

Curved finger gripper with sensor slot Mod. Cylinders Series 41 – through-rod. Manually operated valves – dimensions. Magnetic proximity switches, male M8 3-pin conn. Series L and LT quick-release couplings for the conditioning of moulds for plastics.

Página 1051 – CATALOGO 8.5 ES

Series 63 cylinders – round tube, single-acting, front spring. Electropneumatic valve, bistable with outlets on sub-base – size Bidirectional flow control valves Series RFO. Series 31 compact cylinders, Tandem and Multi-position versions. CGLN gripper, bore 32 mm – dimensions. Pressure regulators Series MC. Series 32 compact cylinders, Tandem and Multi-position versions. Kit for parallel connection Mod. Pneumatically operated valves – xatalogo.


Pneumatic foot operated pedal Series 3. Short-stroke cylinder Series QPR. Cylinders with standard carriage Mod. Series PG digital pressure gauges. Series VMS slide valves. Cylinders Series 60 with rod lock. Series MC take-off blocks.