Cattleyas are frequently called “the Queen of the Orchids,” and Carl Withner’s passion for them started before World War II. About 12 years ago he published the. The Cattleyas and Their Relatives. Landmark series on the genera of the Cattleya alliance, which provide details on appearance, growth habit, incidence, and. Buy The Cattleyas and Their Relatives, Vol. 1: The Cattleyas 1st by Carl L. Withner (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and.

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Pink to deep rose, floral-scented flowers are displayed on this summer or fall bloomer. Highly awarded and one of the teir known yellows. Potinara Haw Yuan Gold: Some of their prized children Here are some of the many hybrids produced by the parents in the preceding section: The Best Choice for Beginners.

This orchid shows off purple spotted flowers with a bright-pink lip much like one of its parents, Cattleya aclandiae. In the following sections, I tip you off to some good performers from this group.

The Quintessential Orchids: Cattleyas and Their Relatives

It has a miniature stature, making it ideal for growing under lights or on a windowsill. This Mexican beauty is different, with rosy-pink to magenta, star-shaped flowers that are borne on long branched sprays. A compact grower that reaches about 12 inches 30 cm tall, its 3 2-inch 9-cm citrus-scented flowers are a yellow-green with red flares. In this topic, I introduce you to a few qnd the many orchids in this illustrious group that are readily available and easy to grow.


The Cattleyas and Their Relatives

Relativrs are a few of the many nice ones: In fact, few amateurs are able to tell them apart. The South American Encyclia species have not previously been the subject of a book, and the genus presents many problems and difficulties.

It needs to be grown on the cooler and drier side during the winter months to bloom best in the spring to summer. Relatively unknown but easy to grow. Its fresh, floral-scented, 2-inch 5-cmpale yellow flowers with a darker lip are borne in sprays of two to five in the spring. It sports lightly spice-scented, fine-quality, lavender flowers measuring up to 6 inches 15 cm across, with lips that are trumpet-shaped and edged with deep violet with white in the throat.

Its flower is a superb shape and is strongly fragrant. Most encyclias are shades of green and white with some purple markings.

Instead, its ease of growing and blooming and wonderful fragrance — which has been variously described as smelling relagives or like coconut cream pie, lilac, cinnamon, and hyacinth — are what keep people coming back to this orchid.

It has fine form and its frilly lip is marked on the inside with a touch of yellow.

Sieczka, and Walter De Jong. Laeliocattleya Angel Love is a perfectly shaped dwarf Cattleya with a citrus fragrance. It comes in various color forms but most commonly has clusters of two to six 2 2- to 3-inch 6- to 8-cm light lavender flowers with darker purple lips and throats.

Other cattleya relatives A slew of other orchid species are closely related to cattleyas and laelias. This volume also includes taxonomic and nomenclatural changes affecting species covered in the earlier volumes, as well as additions and changes to the text of each of the five volumes. Laelias usually have somewhat of a smaller lip than cattleyas.


One to six of its spidery greenish white flowers, from 3 to 6 inches 7. Today, all the best forms are readily available and none have been collected from the wild.

The Quintessential Orchids: Cattleyas and Their Relatives

It has a yellow and white flower with magenta caftleyas and lip with pink sepals and a yellow throat. Similar books The Complete Book of Potatoes: Sieczka, and Walter De Jong Phlox: Benton Richard Fortey View All.

At least not until you have several years of orchid growing under your belt. Blooms in the summer to fall. Named for a family member of the illustrious cattleya breeder, Ernest Hetherington, this is a 6-inch cm lavender-pink flower with a pink ruffled lip and orange-yellow throat.

Cool greens There is something refreshing about lime-green flowers. One of the first hybrids to be made, in the s, this one has Cattleya aclandiae as one of its parents. View large jacket image. This is another important contributor for it compact growth habit, flower form, and color.

An offspring of Laelia pumila and Cattleya walkeriana, this is one of the best known and available of thwir minicatts.