5e Playtest – Caves of Chaos. The party: WalkingDad – High Elf Wizard – Elephan Moonsong mudbunny – Dwarf Fighter – Slysa Daface (still to. Battle maps are an essential part of many tabletop RPGs. They can be as simple as a single room or as complex as a vast underground. Our intrepid heroes are (still) square in the middle of the hobgoblin lair in the Caves of Chaos. They are standing around the corpse of a.

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They might all be there if the party was nigh invulnerable when they faced the hobgoblins. We want this to be fun. Here it is for anyone else who’s curious. Getting it printed at Staples tomorrow, poster size, to use at the table. During play I had a list of this information and I tied the events to their PCs.

Alphastream Comments are closed. Has anyone done this yet?

Now to pick a cave. The inside-facing walls essentially just have a dark though subtle inner glow to give that shadow feel. Posted By Morrus Friday, 28th December, February 15, at 6: Feel free to describe your character if you’d like.

Posting Quick Reply – Please Wait. September 22, at 4: Consider how individual objects can create a rich experience.

Von cave is as good as another. If I might suggest a future project? They were hidden inside his hat. When the party enters, she drops it and the marbles spill out toward the entrance. Did some digging on caos looking for some maps I could alter to help get him going, and you had done just that and Did it Beautifully. For even more fun, the heir or other prisoners could be revealed to be related to one of the PCs or perhaps has a background or theme in common. And finally, this one is overkill unless you intend on printing it poster size, but here it is….


Running the D&D Next playtest? Here’s a Caves of Chaos map, by the Weem : battlemaps

This played extremely well. February 2, at 9: This chos some good choices: February 9, at Maybe one kobold is smelly and offers to parley and travel around with the PCs, much to their nasal demise.

It’s a big sprawl of caves and tunnels that’s inhabited by orcs, kobolds, goblins, and hobgoblins. I like to use the environmental factors such as noises and smells to give PCs the ability to sense how many foes are beyond. Some feature endless levels of near-featureless playtfst.

He straightens from his bowing, and steps back to sip at a cup of honeyed tea. Time spent on coming up with an interesting premise that evolves will create a more gripping experience.

Second, it provided a strangely interesting and compelling hook for the PCs to set off on adventure. That would be fantastic. February 2, at 8: I would love for them to print the appropriate size so everyone could use miniatures. Next time we will look at a different classic adventure, Slave Pits of the Undercityand share how we created an exciting 4E-styled combat!

Caves of Chaos Reimagined by Weem

Use what the players give you and make their assumptions true rather than sticking to your script. If we make the drawing out to be of a different species in another cave, and both Romeo and Juliet are still alive but perhaps recognizable… maybe the party finds a note saying he will wear a red flower and asks her to wear a white one… we can really have some fun.


Cavea are even poetry about the manliness of my look and my long staff January 7, at 1: June 18, at At the bottom of the note actually carved on rough bark was a crude semicircular design eventually figured out as a map of the caves, with a mark where the goblin lair is found. Ideally, the narrative plays out based on character choices.

I kept this one simple.

We can add to this by giving different monsters personalities, distinguishing marks, and motivations. With some ogres and other wandering nasties. Lady N Duchess of Urnst says: At the same time, we do want diversity. I would task you with going out to find my one and only son, the heir to the throne.

It has some of the design aspects such as creative traps that make the Desert of Desolation series so memorable. February 3, at 6: Us Bington’s are small, see, and our bladder’s are’n’t what you call strong.

As your people are so short lived, time might be of essence.