#ntent# , Display the page, which is stored in the variable ntent, in the browser. The CFHTTP tag allows you to execute POST and GET operations on files. FileContent) that you can use to present the results of the POST operation in a. cfhttp. Generates an HTTP request and parses the response from the server into a structure. The result fileContent: The body of the HTTP response. Usually a.

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CFHTTP fileContent binary to string

The port number on the server from which the object is being requested. Use GET to download a text or binary file, or to create a query from the confent of a text file. If there are column headers in the text file from which the query is drawn, do not specify this attribute unless you need to overwrite the existing headers.


If there are no column headers in the text file, you must specify the COLUMN attribute, or you will lose the data in the first ccfhttp.file. The path to the directory in which a file is to be stored. The filename to be used for the file that is accessed.

Enter path information in the PATH attribute. Required for creating a query. Indicates the start and finish of a column.

Using the CFHTTP Get Method

Should be appropriately escaped when embedded in a column. For example, if the qualifier is a quotation mark, it should be escaped as “”””. If cotnent is no text qualifier in the file, specify a blank space as ” “. Default is the quote mark “. The following HTML tags, which can contain links, will be resolved:.

Using the CFHTTP Get Method

The port number on the proxy server from which the object is being requested. The default is NO. See the Usage section for more information. Boolean indicating whether to redirect execution or stop execution.


cfhttp Code Examples and CFML Documentation

The default is YES. Timeout period in seconds.

When a URL timeout is specified in the browser, this timeout setting will take precedence over the ColdFusion Administrator timeout.

If there is only one instance of a header key, then the value may be accessed as a simple type. If there is more than one instance, then vfhttp.file values are placed in an array within the ResponseHeader structure.

Header Returns the raw response header. Returns the contents of the file for text and MIME files.

Returns the response headers.