“Did you get a chance to read the book?” asks author-diplomat T.S. Tirumurti, whose second novel Chennaivaasi is now on bookstore displays. You’re wary of T. S. Tirumurti’s Chennaivaasi when you pick it up. Even though Shashi Tharoor’s praise for the book on the front cover begs. Buy Chennai vaasi men t-shirts at Made for madras collection. Tamil urban street wear brand. Easy return. Cod available across india.

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We move to the substance.

The Book Fair Entrance. This simple way of life has to go with a certain higher way of thinking. He’s at his best though in describing TamBrahm culture with all its quirks, its reliance on tradition, its insistence on rules that structure every aspect of daily life- down to what chennai means if a lizard chirps to the southwest.

Indue to construction work on the Chennai Metrothe venue of the book fair fhennai shifted to the Y. This article is closed for comments. July 17, Chennaivaasis show more equanimity in dealing with their daily lives; ostentation is much higher in other metros.

The author also gives his take on life in Delhi as compared to Chennai. Tirumurti, whose second novel Chennaivaasi is now on boo displays.

It captures the imagery more than reinforce the image boom earlier. Narayan, inspired Tirumurti in his evolution as a writer. This page was last edited on 20 Decemberat Over 1 million titles were on sale.

In recent times, movie clippings of films of international renown are filmed at the venue of the fair.


The first book, Clive Avenue was autobiographical, he says. In vasai to make that voice heard, Tirumurti permeates both books with a strong flavour of the city.

Get Tirumurti talking on Madras and he tells you that Madras hasn’t been taken away entirely from Chennai. Chennaivaasi takes off from where Clive Avenue left off, not in the sense of being a sequel but with the Madras Chennai and TamBrahm setting remaining intact. Please click here to support the Heritage Act.

George’s SchoolKilpauk. Taking seriously his uncle Tamil writer Bharanidharan’s aka Marina advice to be non-judgemental and authentic, Tirumurti takes readers on a journey through vignettes of life in the Madras of the past coalescing into the Chennai of the present.

Read this book for its engaging characters, its quirky humour, its depiction of a biok love story that begins by clashing with tradition but ends, like any two ‘Chennaivaasi’s, by happily co-existing.

A great address to have. Will the latest plan reduce T’Nagar chaos? June 8,1: Tuesday 11 DecemberMizoram Assembly Elections The early editions were held in the last weeks of December and ended in the first week of January in order to coincide with the Christmas – New Year holidays.

The real love story goes beyond Ravi and Deborah’s cross-culture bond, beyond Amma and Appa’s enduring marriage, to the relationship between the city and its people. After the first book, the second was a given, he says.

The families in both books are close-knit, and the extended circle of uncles, aunts, neighbours, friends, domestic help and members of the community make their voices heard in direct proportion to their importance in the stories. An educated woman commanding a sense of respect and affection from the family and friends, at one point she shocks her own son and daughter-in-law with her liberal point of view. The author’s own ties to Chennai are obvious, deep and nostalgic, though his dry humour, especially his potshots at caste and politics, saves the book from sentimentality.


Tirumurti’s ‘Chennaivaasi’ is a charming read

The author’s upbringing and grounding in his own milieu obviously affect both novels, which are, in this sense, autobiographical. Mahabodhi Centre Thousand Lights Mosque. Narayan’s view that one of English literature’s underlying qualities was understatement has had a bearing on Tirumurti’s writing. Familiar ground This is familiar ground, a natural choice when he had another story to chennao.

He reacts with diplomatic restraint, but is clearly pleased. The canvas of Chennaivaasi is much larger.

Read chennaivaasi

In the final analysis, it is people who make a city what it is. It is rich in Tambram idioms boo, expressions so much a part of our lives but not given much attention. Why Congress Won Rajasthan: In Clive Avenuethe hero Rajan agrees to look for a bride from within his TamBrahm community whereas, in Chennaivaasithe hero Ravi comes back with his Jewish American girlfriend Deborah, chennqi to marry her.