Logical Chess: Move by Move by Irving Chernev. This classic chess book of annotated games written by prolific chess author Irving Chernev explains the. Logical Chess: Move by Move (Irvin Chernev) Compiled (D05) Queen’s Pawn Game, 22 moves, (C63) Ruy Lopez, Schliemann Defense, 18 moves, My 60 Memorable Games by Bobby Fischer Logical Chess Move By Move by Irving Chernev The Life and Games of Mikhail Tal by Mikhail Tal Bobby Fischer.

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So basically his advice boils down to “make the right move at the right time. Jan 09, Jacob Hurley rated it really liked it Shelves: Gaining a material advantage by capturing and removing the opponent’s army one unit at a time without losing your own is a huge advantage, often on the path to victory.

It’s a terrific first book because the commentator Chernev explains the logical thought process, or at times lack thereof, behind the moves in classic games.

Jan 26, 1.

Logical Chess: Move by Move by Irving Chernev

With each additional reading, the beginner gets better, quicker, smoother at recognizing the reoccurring patterns in chess such as forks, pins, skewers, discovered attacks, batteries and forced checkmate arrangements.

The saying “One has to know the rules to break them” is applicable here. To solve the mve, consider all the possible forcing moves: Barnet Elizabethans Chess Club. Every move is explained and avoids the mundane paragraphs of chess notation.

If you have more than one chess book, then you have the beginnings of a collection. An absolutely brilliant book. This book was recommended to me when I returned to the game as an adult last year What are the tactical ideas that chess writers and teachers use to classify practice positions? I thought it did a nice job of explaining some opening principles and showing me how all three phases of the game flow together and impact eachother.


Chess Beginners who know the basic rules. To right this caissic wrong, GM Nunn produced his own book, Grandmaster Chess Move By Movefrom which the quotes in the previous paragraph are drawn, and which is fifty years more up-to-date than Logical Chess.

A really enjoyable chess book. Highly recommended to any enthusiast who wants to build a platform to be more than just a hobb The first book on chess I’ve read that wouldn’t strictly be for beginners. Quite possibly the best first book on chess.

Modern chess is a little bit different and to understand why GMs break the rules could be interesting This is a classic chess book explaining every move in easy to understand words. This might just be the best book for class players to read. Most of the games in Logical Chess are master vs.

Openings and endings 2 years ago. The second board serves as the “jumping off” point to look at other possibilities. I heard that John Nunn really criticised this book. It’s generally easy now to find mistakes in old books, but they still have valuable lessons and insights.

Not only that, but Chernev is a witty writer. Logical Chess was my first chess book, which accounts for my familiarity with it, and fondness for it.

Dec 14, Tyler rated it really liked it Shelves: I have not read all books on chess, but you xhernev rest assured – this one has earned universal acclaim. Jan 01, notgettingenough rated it it was amazing Shelves: Logical Chess Move By Move: Some new chess rules passed by FIDE 4 years ago. Control the center, etc. Logical Chess is recommended to intermediate players and mature, advanced beginners with excellent reading comprehension who can follow alternate lines and five-move combinations.

Sometimes a simple quite move is made first cherneb limits the opponent’s response, such as seizing control of an open line or blocking a backward pawn to prevent the opposing king’s escape. Jan 09, Tom Ritman-Meer rated it it was amazing. Jan 04, Tahta rated it it was amazing. His ideas may be right but Mve think they should be delivered with respect for a man who is a very great writer and teacher of chess.


Granted, the book was originally written in the s, so we don’t have the pleasure of seeing Chernev’s reaction to games by the likes of Fischer, Tal, and their contemporaries.

This book won’t teach you the inner working of chess openings or endgames but it will help you understand both positional development and how to think in chess.

Maybe it’s repetition by intention, but at the end it bored me down a little bit. Yes, Capablanca can do no wrong. It teaches chess concepts, principles and rules of thumb; the reasons behind the move.

More About Irving Chernev’s Logical Chess, Move by Move

By solving hundreds of such puzzles I started to notice positions in my games where a tactic could be possible. By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies.

One reading will not suffice for mastery! Get sniffy about the old codger wearing unfashionable clothes and it might not quite work for you. But Chernev’s “principles” can be kind of arbitrary at times.

However, this bishop sacrifice was not only hard enough to see that a master missed it, but it’s not the sort of thing beginners should be expecting to save them in such positions — even if it’s there a beginner will not find it.