Chomp. Wahoo Cray lives in a zoo. His father is an animal wrangler, so he’s grown up with all manner of gators, snakes, parrots, rats, monkeys, snappers, and. A Rollicking Eco-Adventure from a Popular Author! Filled with his trademark quirky characters and offbeat humor, this novel by best-selling author Carl Hiaasen. reality TV. Read Common Sense Media’s Chomp review, age rating, and parents guide. Chomp Book Poster Image Carl Hiaasen · Adventure; Save.

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Like in hoot, snakes are a major theme. Haasen Wahoo and Micky be able to handle the arrogant Derek Badger? To ask other readers questions about Chompplease sign up.

This time round he mercilessly lampoons the fakery of soi-called “reality” wildlife TV programmes.

He creates complex, offbeat characters using language that doesn’t talk down to tweens. Jump in and read! Predictably, the shoot in the Everglades is a series of fiascoes.

Wahoo’s dad, Mickey Cray, is an animal handler with a lot of respect for animals. Chomp by Carl Hiaasen. The characters were funny, with one liners and silly things they did, like an adult TV star thinking he is going to be a vampire, with plenty of examples and time in several chapters exploring this. Wahoo’s level head and smarts keep his father’s animal wrangling business going so they can pay the mortgage.

They live in the Everglades.

The connection between the characters was strong and in general, the story plot was simple yet fun. Haha…It was fun to hear them talk about all the animals like family. Instead the pace of the story continues endearingly and excitingly right to the end, with a mad dash of humor to spice up the thunder-and-alligators everglades adventure. I loved the setting with all of the animals and Derek Badger hiiaasen fake survivalist and his reality show made for some really funny reading.


And not in a good way. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. Wahoo Cray is anything but normal. I sped though the book and was happy with the nice solid ending that wrapped everything up.

See all 16 questions about Chomp…. In typical Hiaasen fashion, controlled chaos is the name of the game.


Hiaasen went with the plot was absolutely hilarious I did like Billy though. When their airboat dies, they search the tree island they landed on, and happen upon Derek, half-delirious. I find her the most interesting too. Continue reading Show less. While Mickey steers the hijacked airboat on an aimless course through the swamp, ensuring that Jared Gordon doesn’t get near the kids, Wahoo and Tuna try to find some way of going after them and also getting the wounded Link back to civilization.

While shooting an underwater scene in the Crays’ backyard with their pet alligator”Alice,” Derek tries to dramatize the footage by climbing on her back, which causes her to get upset and try to shake him off.

I would rate this book with five stars. Or just because monkeys threw poo at people. Wildwhich is filming in the Bj Everglades. Unsure what else to do, Wahoo invites her to join them on their camping trip into the Everglades. Lists with This Book. And most especially Hiaasen’s sense of humor. The story is full of bullies.


Chomp – Carl Hiaasen – Google Books

Susan decides to support the house by going to China to teach friends Chinese, and she gets money for it. Knowing the police are now after him, Gordon demands that Mickey drive him and Tuna out of the swamp and help them escape. They promise to meet up again soon, addressing each other by the nicknames they pinned on each other during the adventure, “Lance” and “Lucille. Gators, bats, iguanas, and boys named Wahoo! This is what makes “Chomp” a five star read for me.

I would recommend this book, but I also would like to warn anyone whom is planning to read this, that this book is a slow read and also falls short on excitement. This be a review of the other four books: The c My son came home dying to read this book after the school librarian showcased it at school.

My son came home dying to read this book after the school librarian showcased it at school. Of course the show featured in this book is from Mr.

Check out me other reviews at https: I loved this book! Rob Huntley Displaying reality TV as a misleading, manipulated medium.

A lot or a little?