A chunk is the smallest significant part that can be added to a document. A chunk is a string with Font information. Chunk reportTitle= new Chunk(“Candidate Login Report “,catFont); Chunk add multiple Chunk and Phrase in itextpdf package ; import When I created iText, I chose the word chunk for the atomic text element because of its first definition in my dictionary: “a solid piece.” A phrase, on the other hand.

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It can be PdfContentByte. This example is rather unusual: This can be caused by an encoding mismatch. Glyphs are organized into fonts.

When type was set by hand for printing presses, strips of lead were placed between lines of type to add space—the word originally referred to the thickness of these strips of lead that were placed between the lines.

Why are you using a Chunk for divisiontitle instead of a Paragraph? Is there any provision to do this in iIext? Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. It would be difficult to read white text on a white page, so you also change one of the many attributes of the Chunk object: By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service.

java – How to provide alignment to chunk or phrases in itext? – Stack Overflow

This is no longer the case; most viewers replace these fonts. Itsxt this case, the ID of each country will be printed as white text on a black background. Finallylisting 2.


This had the effect of setting the font size to 0, which is the value that the constant is set to.

How do I use iText Chunk class?

itexh Post as a guest Name. A value of 1 is normal and a value of 0. A chunk is a String with a certain Font. The Paragraph class is derived from the Phrase class. In most database systems, you can define the encoding for each table or for the whole database. The following snippet shows how the earlier chunk is added to a phrase 3 times, and the result.

It can outline text, simulate bold and make text invisible. The default font in iText is Helvetica with itxet 12 pt.

I know the method of paragraph. Behind the scenes, a PdfWriter and a PdfDocument object analyze these objects and translate them into the appropriate PDF syntax, positioning the content on one or more pages, taking into account the page size and margins. The method createDirectorPhrase from listing 2. Note that all child elements won’t also be tagged. Javadox Java Articles Maven Dependency. Wouldn’t a table with no borders be better then?

The document properties reveal that two fonts were used: A positive value simulates superscript; a negative value simulates subscript. Rodrigo Godoy 61 1 2. These properties are defined in the Font object. In D, you specify a different font from the same family: While this works out more or less fine in this example, it will fail in other examples.


As an exercise, you could remove setInitialLeading 16 from line O. Astyanax, the Cassandra Java library Utext blog post: Paragraphs derive from Phrase, so they autommatically fit text within the horizontal boundaries of the document, but they also force a new line for each paragraph just as in any word processing application.

Java IText: Chunk

If you need objects with another default font, just create a factory class that produces objects with the font of your choice. Get Started with Astyanax, the Cassandra java library by Netflix. Another chujk to distinguish different paragraphs is to add extra spacing before or after the paragraph. To make sure that the String is created correctly, listing 2. You can set the leading or font as part of initiating a new phrase, as well as pass it a string or chunk to set its content through the phrase’s chunnk overloaded constructors.

Chunk examples | iText Developers

Fields inherited from interface com. Why do both viewers still list Helvetica? Creates a tab Chunk. Every extra line in the same Itexy will be indented a quarter of an inch. One row, two columns, the left one containing reportTitle left aligned, and the right one containing divisionTitle and right aligned.

The fonts available in this class are often referred to as the standard Type 1 fonts.