Exam-Pack SNAA – Securing Networks with ASA Advanced contents: * Cisco Security: Cisco Certification and Getting the Most from. If you don’t understand or are struggling, just go back and reread Chapter 4 of the CCNA Cisco Certified Network Associate Study Guide, 7th Edition—this. Study Guides for CCNP Security Exams. Can anyone point me to study guides for SENSS and SITCS? SNAA, SNAF and SNRS. I did not.

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Cisco eReader — for iPad. How much can I print?


Check System Status at: Once in the Cisco. Chinese version of this page: Is there an expiration date for my student kits? To request assistance to help reset your password, send an email to: Cisco Learning Network Space — System Requirements After redeeming the access code, a student may also download their Student Kit materials and view them offline in any of our Cisco eReader apps: The Learning Provider who is providing your class.


To download any Cisco eReader app:. Once you redeem an access code for a student kit, the student kit is forever tied to your User ID. If you forget your Password, the only way to reset it involves using your Primary Email Address, so it is very important to keep your Primary Email Address up-to-date. Click the My Content tab in the top right. Thank you for participating in the Cisco Digital Kits program!

Can I copy part of the course document to the clipboard?

If you contact Cisco. Doing so will result in losing access to your redeemed student kits. Access Codes The Learning Provider who is providing your class. Enter and re-enter your new studeent. What should I do?

Cisco Learning Network Space is a digital platform offering course materials in digital format only. If you lose access to the primary email address for your CCO ID, then update your email address as soon as possible.

To download any Cisco eReader app: The terms are as follows: Click Print Notes to print them all at once.

Welcome to Cisco Learning Network Space! How do I reset the password?


User Information

Cisco Learning Network Space Support: Click the Security tab. Can I copy my page notes or highlight comments to the clipboard? The terms must be accepted in order to redeem the access code and be provided with your content. Cisco eReader — for Windows. Cisco Learning Network Space.

Go to the edit box for each page note and copy from there. For a complete list of supported browsers and system requirements, please refer to: I have different types of learning materials.

Thus, only limited printing capability up to 10 pages per book is available at this point. Cisco eReader — for Mac OS. Is there anything that I should do before logging in to Cisco Learning Network Space for the first time or before redeeming an access code?