Bartholin gland cysts are located in the posterolateral inferior third of the vagina and are associated with the labia majora. Clinical presentation Most patients are . Bartholin glands were first described by Caspar Bartholin, a Dutch anatomist, in These paired glands are approximately 0. Oclusão não infecciosa do ducto de Bartholin distal, com retenção de secreções resultante. Diagnosticado no exame clínico. A aparência clássica é de uma.

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Neonate with urinary retention as presentation of Bartholin duct cyst J Pediatr Adolesc Gynecol ; Click here for patient related inquiries. The success of this method is based on the ancient principle that a foreign body in a wound hinders its natural closure, resulting in the formation of a fistula with wound reepithelization.

National Center for Biotechnology InformationU. This form of treatment seems to be a good alternative, less invasive, quick, and safe for cases of Bartholin cysts. Register with an access code If you have been provided an access code, you can register it here: After the second phase of treatment, there were no recurrences. Case 5 Case 5. Treating the Bartholin cyst with CO 2 laser proved effective for resolution of the disease and of post—treatment comorbidities, such as pain and scars in the affected area.

Congenital and acquired conditions of the vulva and vagina on magnetic resonance imaging: Cases and figures Imaging differential diagnosis. The objective of the study done by Panici et al.

Antibiotics and analgesics were prescribed for patients presenting any sign of infection. The CO 2 laser proved to be an effective method with low morbidity. The procedure was performed at an outpatient clinic, with a minimal amount of bleeding during the act, besides good and rapid healing. There are many options, including antibiotics, drainage, marsupialization, gland excision, and destruction or cauterization of the cyst with silver nitrate and CO 2 laser.


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Open in a separate window. Word catheters are placed by means of a 5mm incision inside the small labia, in the region of the Bartholin gland. This is a procedure carried out in a short amount of abrtholin and with a rapid rate of cure. The recurrence rate in our survey was similar to that of literature, according to the various techniques initially described.

Pathology Outlines – Bartholin cyst

There were no complications. The most frequent postoperative complaints were a burning sensation at the surgical site, hematoma, and dyspareunia. At the extremity of the catheter, there is a barhholin that is inflated with up to 3mL of sterile saline solution, and the catheter is left in place for 4 to 6 weeks.

The technique to be used depends on the skills of the physician and availability of equipment. Novel technique for management of Bartholin gland cysts and abscesses. Obstet Gynecol Clin Nort Am.

About Blog Go ad-free. In the 31 cases analyzed, after the healing period, there were no reports of pain at the incision site, and there were no scars and retractions.

Chronic inflammation can lead to ductal obstruction from pus or thick mucus which in turn can result in retained secretions within the Bartholin glands. Click here for information on linking to our website or using our content or images. Unable to process the form.

BMJ Best Practice

Since this is an outpatient method, the patient does not need to be away from her activities for very long, there is no need to be admitted to hospital, and there is a reduction in hospital costs. Since there is no hospitalization, the patient is discharged home after the procedure, and soon returns to her daily activities. If you have a Best Practice personal account, your own subscription or have registered for a free trial, log in here:. Check for errors and try again. After drainage, the capsule of the cyst is sutured with the borders fixed to the exterior, in order to avoid closing and formation a new cyst; over time, the process undergoes reepithelization.


During sexual stimulation, these glands release lubricant fluid. A study reported a series of 19 patients with Bartholin cysts treated with the minimally invasive approach of CO 2 laser, and demonstrated the surgical procedure as being extremely simple, and performed in a very short time, on average, seven minutes.

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The gold standard treatment is surgical removal of the entire cyst. MacLean A, Treadway A. E Vaporization of the internal capsule with unfocussed laser beam. It proposed the placement of a device similar to this catheter that allowed drainage and reepithelization, and was removed after three weeks with total recovery of the patient.

Incidence of Bartholin duct cysts and abscesses in the Republic of Korea. The first person to describe this gland was Kaspar Bartholin, in The obstruction of the Bartholin gland originates retention of secretions with duct dilation and cyst formation.

Quiste de la glándula de Bartolino

If you have a Best Practice personal account, your own subscription or have registered for a free trial, log in here: A perda prematura do cateter foi o evento adverso mais comum. Premature loss of the catheter was the most common adverse event. Case 4 Case 4. The differential diagnosis of the Bartholin gland cysts and abscesses is made with other vulvar masses, such bartholi epidermal inclusion cysts, and cysts of Nuck and Skene duct.