Climbing Parnassus has ratings and 62 reviews. TheRose said: This is a paradigm-shifting book. I was flabbergasted by how much I really didn’t unders. “Discussions of educational reform often involve windy talk of a “return to the classics,” yet rarely do would-be reformers go so far as to advocate a return to. Tracy Lee Simmons’s book, Climbing Parnassus, is a tour-de-force. Simmons addresses the current state of education, which is dismal, to a.

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The Roman governor Pontius Pilate, educated in the highest civilization in the known world, looked the creator of the universe in the face and spurted: Lewis, and many other twentieth century giants. No trivia or quizzes yet. Get fast, free shipping with Amazon Prime. So I spent a lot of time trying to figure out how to reconcile this view with the view at my school classical education is useful for everyone and with the American culture which is very egalitarian.

If anyone has a different understanding regarding this, please let me know. For instance, Karen Glass argues for the possibility of an education in the classical tradition without the study of classical languages.

Something for me still to ponder. But his predisposition to vacillation is betrayed by such statements as ‘not all knowledge worth having need be worn with scholastic exactitude. Few things scrape the human psyche like those works which have passed time’s test, arriving at our doorstep like a tattered parcel from distant millennia.

Until the turn of the twentieth century, education was distinguished from training in that its goals were not utilitarian, but rather aimed to cultivate in the student intellectual virtue, eloquence, a drive for excellence, and other hard-earned character traits which are not directly applicable to employability.

Climbing Parnassus: A New Apologia for Greek and Latin

His persuasive witness to the unique, now all-but-forgotten advantages of study in, and of, the classical languages constitutes a bracing reminder of the genuine aims of a truly liberal education. Knowledge is to be sought for its own sake, irrespective of intermediate and material gain. The first historically has been called vocational “training” not education; it’s about showing us how to do, make, and change things.


Dec 27, Anna Mussmann rated it really liked it. Tracy Simmons has written an apologia for classical education that makes sound arguments in its favor.

Bryn Mawr Classical Review

Just a parnasssu quotes from the closing pages of Climbing Parnassus should serve to illustrate how far afield of educational orthodoxy the book roams: The cult of the victim we are slithering into undermines any chance of understanding the complex reality we inhabit, and actually doing something useful about it.

P39 What purpose should education, at its most enlightened, serve? He began his syndicated newspaper column in and his weekly television discussion program, Firing Line was syndicated in They were to know, not to be known. Explore the Home Gift Guide. vlimbing

No one should disagree that, ‘such an education is eminently practical’ As the author himself recognizes, a truly classical education is rgeek specific in its goals and curriculum. However, I do not agree with Simmons that the British method of teaching Latin and Greek in previous centuries is the best method to open young minds to the richness of classic thought.

The argument he presents for classical education is by means of Greek and Latin language and culture, Roman history, and a return to the examined life as says Socrates.

But Simmons helps shed light where there has been much obfuscation. Hard work went into developing the mind. For In antiquity, most of the greatest western minds had a working knowledge of Greek and Latin, climning addition to modern languages.

In that sense, the book is itself a kind of parable of mankind. But there is a danger. I can build rockets to Mars and beyond, but it cannot tell us whether it’s wise to go there.

Climbing Parnassus is both inspiring and challenging. July – I’m so thankful to have come across this book when I did. Discussions of educational reform often involve windy talk parnassua a “return to the classics,” yet rarely do would-be reformers go so far as to advocate a return to education in the classical languages themselves.

It will help you understand how learning ancient languages will show you your place in history right now, and open your eyes to the great thoughts of those gone before. Our schools today produce students with myriad technical skills and a grab layin of soon-to-be-forgotten facts, but in general, they fail spectacularly in instilling any sort of lasting wisdom, virtue, or mental finesse.


No, but then it was never meant to. There are many people in our society that have degrees, but very few are truly educated. Thanks for telling us about the problem. The works of Jerome and Augustine made staples for the pious. So apologja inspiration for how to get or “give” a good education.

Climbing Parnassus: A New Apologia for Greek and Latin

The reason is because Franklin, in his autobiography, flat out disagrees with Simmons. Climmbing 25, Jeffrey rated it it was amazing. Rather, one must learn the content in classical form, i. It can drive us to build new roads and bridges, but I cannot explain where we want to go. For those readers, the book could be a revelation. P59 An essay attributed to Plutarch fastened upon the link between mental training and moral behavior, asserting that there must be a concurrence of three things to produce right action: He brings his ‘limited experience’ to the task of possibly gerek light on an old problem; and he is not ‘saddled with that side-glancing reticence often rewarded by academic tenure’ xvii.

The adult elite knows better, or at least they should. Click on prices to verify their accuracy. The world could do with fewer scholars and more cultivated people’ The greatest reason for learning Greek and Latin is that learning languages is the best way to develop the memory faculty.

Without having read Homer, Plato, Cicero, and many others, we are at a huge disadvantage. I struggled with the authors knowledge of Classical Education and its history. The only point of education is to teach the child to transcend himself. This sentiment provides more ammunition as if they need it!