CMIE does offer the raw data of Prowess too. This isavailable from s. In this setup,the user has complete freedom to. Visit 2. Use the Download Prowess IQ link on the right panel to download the Prowess IQ setup file. 3. Execute the downloaded. Prowess: Download ProwessIQ user interface (Client Software) for querying the Prowess database of financial performance of companies. You can install it on.

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Central Library IIT Bombay | CMIE Database

But, it gets verycomplicated when one deals with gutorial thathave different year-endings, different periods ofaccounting years and sometimes involve the ef-fects of mergers and acquisitions. CMIE values its position as an independent serviceprovider.

But, Prowess is more than a database of only registeredcompanies. Exist-ing closely held companies become public limited andthen they start making their information available moreeasily.

Yet, given that the Prowess database iscreated out of a heterogeneous set of sources that havedifferent updation cycles and adhere to different stan-dards, it is possible that some problems may creep in. Their extremely small size of opera-tions sales of no more than a hundred thousand rupees make them unsuitable for the Prowess database.

Prowess Resource Tutorial

As it finds companies with sufficient andreliable information, it adds these into the database. A deliberate exclusionWe have refrained from adding investment companiesthat are of very small size. Listed companies account for over 70 per centof the total sales of all companies in Prowess. Users demand led to intra-day updates to Prowess.

This indicates that the Prowess database contains longertime series data for the larger companies.


Prowess provides a history of the composition of theBoard of Directors and the remuneration of each of theDirectors. For these companies, Prowess hasdata for each of the 20 years beginning in andending in How-ever, the exploitation of this advantage was in partialabeyance as the services sector led the growth in thetwo decades.

Users can conduct a search for companies thatmatch a set of criteria. Theprocess of winding up a company is so time-consumingand complex that they are often left unclosed even ifthere are no operations. It hasany entry corresponding to every change in the number ofoutstanding shares tutorjal each company.

The objective is to provide all possible pub-licly available information on business entities. However, the RBIs sample ismuch smaller than the sample for this segment avail-able in Prowess. We expect the professional analyst to un-dergo some simple training possibly as much as ittakes to learn a little more than the basics of a spread-sheet.

Prowess Resource Tutorial – [PDF Document]

How-ever, this does not guarantee no survival bias in thedatabase. A number of Indian companies have been sold toforeign entities. The Prowess database has been assembledfrom a number of sources. Of the 24, enterprises covered in Prowess,only about are not registered companies. The several popularand other names of a company are stored in a separateTable Company Alternate Names and each name is aRecord in this Table.

Thus, thecompany identity part of the database contains sev-eral popular alternate names of companies linked to theunique Prowess Company Code.

CMIE does provide forecasting services. Prowess deliversa large and well normalised database. The software enables database access, pre-sentation of tabulations, plotting of charts and updationof the database. Thetabulations and charts are created by analysts atCMIE. During the period of the agreement, CMIE could com-pile financial information from the audited accountsfiled with the Registrar of Companies for 2,74, com-panies.


The Prowess database is also independent of any par-ticular application. Then, there are notes and foot-notes and then some additional statements as maybe required by the law. The value of business captured ina five-year sample is nearly 90 per cent of the value ofbusiness of a three-year panel.

It merely means that, that was the first year forwhich CMIE could obtain data. CMIE procures these quarterly financial statementsfrom the Stock Exchanges or the newspapers or fromthe official website of the company and makes the datacollated from them available in Prowess. Listed companies are required to provide ManagementDiscussion and Analysis and a report on CorporateGovernance as a part of the Annual Report.

However, after the additionof the balance sheet in the disclosures fromthistime-limit has been extended to six weeks. In comparisonthere are over 2, manufacturing companies with 10years of data ending in the same two years. Listed companiesare required to disclose a lot more information than thenon-listed companies.

Companies disclose their outstanding investments in aseparate Schedule. And this choice leads to Prowessnot having a continuous series for all companies for allyears. These are neither companiesnor are they cooperatives. Prowesss is because the RBI draws onlya small sample from the Prowess database. However, Prowess is no substitute for a tele-phone directory.