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And to be fair there is an entire unrestrained range of graffiti writing taking place that is racist, sexist, and is known to go against the xraig rules of the street, one of which is not hitting religious structures or any places of worship. Working through novels, newspaper articles, and arguments on both sides of the proverbial coin I still had only small glimpses of the bigger picture. In fact it has often been the complaint of teachers and parents in primary grades that the arts are the first to be csstleman in times of budget crises.

I still crzig of graffiti as sloppily spray-painted slogans that included racist, sexist, quasi-political, and pornographic words and images…graffiti to me was vandalism, no question about it, and its social value was negligible… viii.

The laws were intended to control and cease what some consider blight, and in some cases what I find interesting that, as Phillips reiterates, graffiti is both familiar and unfamiliar A lot of their activity revolved around writing competitions and partying.

There is something to be said about my choice of keywords and genre. I am not sure if these will ever not be offensive to me, though I am steadfast as the observer, not the judge. I have lived in many places and have seen graffiti in pretty rough areas. She wrote a book on graffiti and hip-hop titled, Painting Without Permissionwhich was the result of her days as a student in Montreal and subsequent published author, speaker, and artist.

In this he includes the graffiti-writing urban gang member, the physicist, the policeman, and the Cyberpunk all using different Discourses that integrate, divide, and sort people and groups in society 4.


Theories of Literacy

Art Gallery of Calgary Catalogue. It is important to know that this is not unfounded or without merit. Mainstream media often portrays hip-hop graffiti writers as deviants whose abnormal behavior is due to psychological problems.

This may seem like a strong condemnation to business and homeowners whose livelihoods have been affected by the L. University of Chicago, To begin to understand the world of graffiti grafftii its overall effects on those of us who live in cities, towns, rural areas or suburbia, it is necessary to look at its socio-cultural, political and historical influences. Her aim is to call attention to the issues as they are, with the prospect of lessening the paranoia that surrounds the graffiti-gang persona 4.

When thinking of literacy practices and graffiti I have learned that they are, on the surface, like two unfriendly neighbors who feud constantly. Some would argue that the wording and profile has changed because hip-hop graffiti writers are now being identified as white, middle-class kids with too much time on their hands.

She addresses her own fears as well.

I really like the connections she makes between writers and artists of the past and writers and artists of ceaig present. Phillips talks about there being very little information on this topic. This is frustrating, casrleman with any inquiry project it is also messy and extremely disorganized in the beginning stages.

It is about 25 minutes and well worth the time to watch if you ever wanted to see what graffiti and hip-hop have to do with education and youth. In other words, art has always been able to successfully and painfully push through constrictions, rules, and boundaries. Crime and Social Order in Contemporary Society. I am merely an observer with a keen sense of fascination for this writing and art form. This is not to be confused with references to prehistoric graffiti.

This may promote the idea among educators to pursue the interests often obsessions of communities of marginalized students in a way that is not condescending and patronizing viii.


When I first began looking at graffiti through the literary fiction and non-fiction lens it occurred to me that very little has been written on its connection to youth and literacy. My response to this is that, with any culture, there is a range of identities involved and there is bound to be violence when competition enters the scene. So castlemna search continued.

Craig Castleman Los Graffiti Pdf PDF Download

I like the idea of examining an ideology and picking out its contradictions. With that said, I would like to talk about what I have learned and where I find one particular area of focus very fascinating and worthy of time and study. Graffiti and Gangs in L. She has a lot to say about graffiti as it relates to educational pedagogy, which I plan to address later.

I bought into the idea that it was and is still considered a twentieth century gang phenomenon.

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He then determines that Britain and the United States have focused primarily on the punishment of these crimes as a deterrent. But first I would like to comment on my thinking as it relates to my own perspective of what I thought graffiti was, before the journey. All of this is to emphasize that, at this point, I have more reason to persist than ever, so I will. Initially I saw little or nothing on hip-hop graffiti writers as fictional subjects in literary works and literally two books that had brief mentions of graffiti and hip-hop as a legitimate movement.

I thought this was funny so I posted it. Not so fast, I finally began to say.